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Buying Furniture

Today I went to The Barn at Artarmon where I bought a desk similar to (but inverted and lighter in colour than) this one…

And this moderately expensive chair…

Moderately Expensive Chair

The items will be delivered in about 10 days.

Later Yuko forced me to do physical work – adjusting the level of the pond – which is currently in a state of dis-assembly. It was very arduous.

Yuko with non-level pond

In the afternoon we went to firefly where Yuko ate potato chips…

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Pool and Business

At lunchtime, I jumped on a train and travelled to the other end of the city for a meeting with a former work colleague. I had recommended this dude to replace me in my current job, and he had been successful – receiving an offer a couple of days ago. I had anticipated that we would talk business – discussing the pros and cons of the job offer in an unbiased manner. However, he immediately told me that he had just sent an email declining the offer. No finders fee for me!

To top it off, he beat me 2-1 in pool!

Later, at work, eggs were distributed – a bizarre ritual indeed…

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Return to Work

Despite having no job, I went to work today anyway!

This is because I am supposed to be working two days per week as a contractor. I haven’t actually signed a contract yet so I my legal status in the workplace is unclear.

I will work tomorrow too, but as I have a late meeting every Thursday, today was the only day this week that Yuko could meet me in the city. We went to The Dome. The art density has increased significantly since our last visit!

Art covers the wall at The Dome

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Last Day of Employment

Today was my last day of employment. But strangely, due to unusual circumstances, it was not my last day at the company.

We ate meat as usual, but the shade umbrella where we usually sit has been shredded and is now just a stick. This meant that we were all irradiated with potentially lethal doses of solar radiation, but at least the meat was good.

Cooking Meat

After work, we decided to celebrate my new unemployed status by drinking beer at the Red Chopstick. We had a table for eight people, although there were only two of us – that’s dandy.

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Internet Broken

Yuko came to the city to meet me after work and we went to Hoya in York Street. She mentioned that she’d had a problem connecting to the Internet at home.

As it happened, today was one ot the rare days when I needed to do some work in the evening, due to an urgent requirement from a client, so when I got home, I needed to use the Internet seriously – but alas it was broken!

I soon determined that our wireless router was the problem – I could connect to the network, but not to the Internet. However, by connecting a cable directly from the modem to my Mac, I was able to get online.

I had brought my Toshiba work laptop home, so I then plugged the cable into that, so that I could VPN into the company network. But alas, I could not obtain Internet on the Toshiba laptop – nothing!

Next I tried my Dell Windows machine, but again, nothing! The Dell also has build-in wireless braodband with Vodafone, so I was able to get online with that – but it was flakey and dropped out too frequently to use the VPN.

Another option was to use my iPhone connection via bluetooth, but the bad mobile reception in our area thwarted this as well.

But the Mac is an amazing machine. A couple of minutes messing around in the settings, and I was able to turn my Mac into a wifi access point! I was therefore able to share its Internet connection wirelessly. Yuko was able to connect to the new network from her Mac with no difficulty. But alas, the two Windows machines could not even see the Mac’s wifi network.

I could not use the Mac for my work because it doesn’t have the VPN software/config etc.

So that was it – three computers, and three ISPs, and the Mac was the only machine that I could get online.

Thus my evening work plan was thwarted. This means I will have to go to the office early tomorrow to get the work done before 9am!

Dell, Toshiba, Mac - Only one works

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Replacing Noswonky

My attention was drawn to the job advertisement below, which appeared on seek.com.au. This is probably my job – the one I’m leaving – although I can’t be sure. Of course it will be difficult to find someone as ‘smart and accomplished’ as I am, but it’s worth a try.

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Lunch With a Bunch of Bankers

Today I had a lunchtime meeting with ‘Carlos’ (not his real name), who has been an occasional commenter on this blog. He brought some of his colleagues with him and we drank beer and ate burgers next to that big round building with the non-round name. I have know Carlos (not his real name) for a frighteningly long time. When I mentioned the year we met, some of the others at the table claimed not to have been born then!

Carlos is, unfortunately, a banker. At least he works for a bank, which I believe is sufficient to label him a banker. I was a banker once too, working at the same bank as Carlos for a while, but I got out (or was ousted) well before the GFC struck.  Carlos got ousted when the GFC struck, but has now joined another bank.

Carlos - Banker

I told Carlos that I had resigned from my job to become a hobo. He was shocked, but he wished me well in my hobotic future.

Later that afternoon, my resignation became public knowledge at work. It had been under wraps for more than a week pending negotiations with management regarding the timing of my transition to hobo-hood.

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Eating Trout

It was time for another team lunch! This time we went here.

When our food arrive, we looked at it in amazement…

I ate a very nice piece of trout…

While I ate, a crazy dude tried to stare me down, but I ignored him…


Knife Threat

Today we had our monthly team lunch. You can’t beat a free lunch…

We went to a pizza restaurant, so I ate pizza…

During lunch, one of my colleagues threatened me with violent death. Fortunately I survived…

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Opera House Views

Over the weekend, our office underwent some refurbishment which involved removal of some partitions, and the relocation of my team. As a side effect, I can now enjoy spectacular views of the Sydney Opera House…

Actual view from my desk

During the office refurbishment, I had to shut down ‘Noswonky’s Free Money’, so I took the opportunity to do a stocktake which revealed that the current assets are $4.15. Today I re-opened…

As we now have an excess of  cars, I am planning to sell a couple of them, and we already have a potential customer for Mitsy.

But Mitsy has been sitting in the driveway for several months with a flat battery. Although I re-charged it a couple of times, it would just go flat again within a day or two. Today I finally got a new battery installed by a ‘Norma’ dude. After that, Mitsy was restored to full operation.

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