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Action Man

It’s good to know that Riverview is protected by action men such as the one I saw this morning on my walk…

In the evening we went to the Grand View at Hunters Hill…

The good thing about Chinese restaurants, is that they not only provide food, but they also make predictions and give advice about the diners’ lives. We learned that Yuko was in ‘good hands’ and that I should start something new. This was very exciting news indeed and I intend to follow this advice. If it doesn’t work out I will commence legal action against the restaurant.

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The Imparting of Wisdom

Tonight we made our second visit to the Lane Cove Chinese Kitchen.

The thing that sets the Chinese apart from other restaurant operators is that not only do they give you food, but they also tell your fortune – or at least impart profound wisdom. Today I had some particularly profound wisdom imparted on me. It reminded me of a certain tusk-wielding sea mammal from my past…

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