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Christmas Ends!

Today we hauled garbage and discovered that Christmas has finally ended!

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Some Bastard Touched Our Garbage

Last night we put out some waste for collection by the council today. It included an old fridge which has been in the garage for several years, and an air conditioner which I got for free in 2007

When I went out this morning to check it, the fridge and the air conditioner were gone. However, the rest of the stuff was in disarray – strewn about willy nilly! Some bastard must have touched our garbage!

I therefore had to spend some time tidying the waste again!

Later at Firefly, we sat at a table where Yuko’s feet didn’t reach the floor…

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Water Temperature Debacle

I was awoken this morning by some dude tapping on my bedroom window! I was a little freaked out, but he told me through the window that he was here to remove garbage and that he needed me to move my car. Then I remembered that Yuko had arranged this before she left.

I put on some clothes and moved my car and the dude and his helper then began loading garbage into their truck.

Waste Remover - Through Kitchen Window

The garbage in question is from Joe The Water Man’s demolition of our back deck. Below are the before and after pictures…

After the dudes left, I had a shower. However, the water quickly ran cold! This normally only happens if Yuko uses too much hot water – but she’s away and I hadn’t used any hot water since yesterday.

I put on some clothes (again) and went around the back of the house to check the water heater.

There was a green plastic tarpaulin on top of it. It was also hanging over the sides where it was partially blocking the ventilation holes. When I tried to remove it, I found that it had partially melted and was stuck to the metal!

Green Thing on Water Heater

I can only guess that it was left there by Joe the Water Man and his helper when they cleaned the outside of the house on Saturday.

I hoped that the heater had not been damaged – perhaps there’s a safety cutout when it overheats, so I attempted to relight the pilot flame. I removed the access panel and followed the instructions printed on the inside of it. The problem is that it’s very difficult to see if the pilot light is on – it’s deep inside the guts of the machine.

Water Heater Controls

Lighting Instructions

I waited, but after a few hours there was still no hot water.

I decided to try again in the evening when it was dark. This made it easier to see if the flame was lit. It turned out that the igniter button doesn’t work. Instead I was able to light the flame using a hand-held gas lighter – the kind for lighting stoves etc. In the dark – and using a mirror – I could see that the flame was now lit.

It worked! After a couple of hours I had hot water again!

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Death in the Tank

When I checked the nature strip this morning, some bastard had added a black sofa to the pile!

Meanwhile Hanako, the smaller of our goldfish, has ceased to be. She lies on the bottom of the tank bereft of life. Yuko buried her in an undisclosed location.

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Cat Eats Antenna

Tomorrow is our first big garbage day of 2010. So tonight we had to lug garbage out to the nature strip. I parked my car out on the street temporarily so it would not be in the way. The neighbours’ cat immediately jumped onto the roof and took a liking to the radio antenna…

Then we lugged garbage, including a number of large items which needed the trolley…

Yuko was a little sad to throw out her red desk and chair. These were the first pieces of furniture she bought after she arrived in Australia on a student visa in 1992. However, we had to be ruthless in culling the amount of stuff cluttering up our house. She also disposed of an old machine which is something between an electric typewriter and a computer. She set them up on the grass for the garbage collectors’ enjoyment…

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Ejecting Furniture

Today, Theresa the cleaning woman came and Yuko got her to help move furniture!

There were two big chairs in Yuko’s old office which, perhaps surprisingly, would not fit out the through the hallway. So Yuko and Theresa simply threw them out the window! The picture below shows the big fake leather sofa and fake leather rocking chair, lying upside down outside the window…

Later, I let Yuko take out the big green waste bin too…

Actually, I did help by taking out the second green bin. We now have two, as I took the one from Mother’s house before vacating the property.

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Water Man II

Joe the water man continued his fine work today. He removed a huge amount of stuff from the house and stacked it up in the carport ready to take away in his truck tomorrow…

The inside now looks very sparse. Tomorrow Joe will clean the inside, including the carpets. It looks like we might be ready to sell before Christmas after all…

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Big Day For Garbage

Tomorrow is our final council waste collection at Mother’s house for 2009 (they only allow four per year). So today Yuko had Sam (the magnificent gardener) come over to put the garbage out on the nature strip. When I saw it in the evening I was shocked by the amount. The council limit is three cubic metres, and I was sure we had exceeded that by a significant margin.

Garbage at Mother's house

Although it’s our final waste collection at Mother’s house, we do have another house – and therefore another set of four waste collections we can use. We therefore spent some time this evening transporting garbage from Mother’s house and placing it on our nature strip too. This made the garbage at Mother’s house look a bit smaller, and the pile at our house should be under the volume limit.

Despite this, I’m still concerned that the council dudes might not take everything.

Garbage at the Noswonky house

While I was removing bags of garbage from my car to place on the pile, I carelessly left the car door open. When I returned to the car after only about 30 seconds, an animal had intruded…

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Exploiting Hunter-Gatherer Populations

Yuko has been using a ‘passive waste disposal’ strategy to dispose of items from Mother’s house. She simply leaves them out on the nature strip and they are picked up by hunter-gathers who happen to be passing. This stragegy has been surprisingly successful. The items below disappeared within a day. The only problem is that sometimes people add to the pile. The black boards in the picture, which are actually the pieces of a coffee table, were added by some non-hunter-gatherer bastard!

We went to Taiki for dinner. It was warm enough to sit outside. Yuko drank a huge glass of beer. Then, when the waiter took the empty glass, he mumbled something that I didn’t understand and Yuko replied ‘yes’ – even though she didn’t understand him either. It turned out he had said ‘do you want another beer?’ As we were travelling in separate cars, Yuko had to drive so I thought it was unwise for her to have a second glass. Therefore I was forced to drink most of it myself, which was very arduous…

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Promoting Violence

It’s the day of the Lane Cove Fair!

The shopping strips were closed to traffic and the residents swarmed onto the roads…

We browsed some of the wares on offer and the item below caught my eye. It’s a doll with a printed card which encourages the owner to commit violent acts and to use foul language.

Later, we noticed that the piece which had been dangling off Belinda’s nose, and was pushed back into place by Sam (the magnificent gardener), was once again dangling. Yuko attempted to fix it with a swift kick, but to no avail.

We also stopped at Vinnies to donate more of Mother’s things to that noble organisation…


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