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Fools’ Observing

We finally got a clear night for NSAS observing (this is not an April Fools joke)!

I arrived at the Golf Club a bit late because of bad traffic, but I was still the first one there.

Setting up my scope

A bit later, a film crew arrived and interviewed me for a documentary about amateur astronomers…

Being interviewed

Eventually we had a total of thirteen people turn up (including the film crew) which was the best attendance in a long time. There were still only three telescopes, but this was enough for a good evening. One problem was that the sky was a bit ‘soupy’ and we had difficulty seeing some of the fainter objects.

A bigger scope than mine

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My Love Song to a Man

A couple of days ago, I wrote a love song and sent it to a man. Or, to be more precise, I wrote new words to an existing song, and sent a video of it to a man.

I should mention at this point that I am not gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that. But there’s this dude on YouTube called 01davethecouchguy, who was celebrating reaching  tally of 2000 subscribers and he asked his subscribers (of which I am one) to send in video clips saying how much they love him.

He then edited all the clips together and posted the result on YouTube. Such collaboration videos are quite common on YouTube, but it’s the first time I’ve contributed to one. Today the video was published.

I appear at about 1m40s into it, and again briefly right at the end…

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Beating Japanese Sex Dolls

Yuko’s Dog Video has now reached 12 million views on YouTube and has finally edged past that video about the Japanese Sex Dolls. For a long time that pesky video had been leading on views – but no longer.

In the ‘People and Blogs’ category, Yuko’s canine exploits are now only surpassed by the great communitychannel who comfortably holds positions 1 and 2…

Note: These figures are for the Australian YouTube site.

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Getting Paid for Disposing of a Dead Body

One of my ealiest YouTube videos, which is more than three years old, has become popular enough for YouTube to think they can make money from it. I received this email from YouTube…

This is surprising as the video only has about 30,000 views and is only my fourth most-viewed video. I have not yet responded.

The video…

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