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Wheel Covers

Yuko has wanted to replace the wheel covers on her car for some time. We delayed it until we had got the new wheel and tyre, but today we bought a set of covers at the Repco shop- $35 for a set of four. It was then my task to install them.

They are made of plastic and are easy to damage. Two of them cracked in the process of attaching them to the wheels. However the cracks were small and not easy to see.

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New Wheel

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Suzy Gets Dressed Up

At about 4pm it started raining. It was that kind of rain – with big drops – which often develops into hail. So I decided to dress Suzy up for the first time…

As it turned out there was no hail. I don’t know how much protection Suzy’s clothes would be if it did hail, but it’s probably better than being naked.

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Surgery For Belinda

Today I took Belinda to the doctor. The driver’s side window has been stuck in the open position.

Belinda at the Window Doctor

The doctor is located at Artarmon, so I then had to walk home along the freeway cycleway. That’s my exercise for the day.

Walking Home

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Tyre Doctor

Today I took Belinda to the doctor to get a new tyre to replace the one that Yuko slashed a few days ago. It was very exciting indeed…

Belinda at the Tyre Doctor

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Yuko Slashes Tyre

As I was sitting at the computer in the evening, I suddenly heard a loud hissing sound coming from outside. At first I thought it was someone hosing. But when I looked outside there was nobody hosing. I then realised the sound was coming from Belinda’s rear tyre.

The air was escaping as I watched! I could also hear and see the spot it was coming from – on the side-wall of the tyre. I was even able to press my finger against the hole and stop the air from escaping.

I quickly realised that keeping my finger pressed against the hole permanently was probably not a practical solution – so I just let the air escape…

Yuko later admitted that she had hit a pointy brick (our neighbour’s step) when driving Belinda into our driveway.

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Selling my 13 year-old

Judy (formerly Mother’s car), has been spruced up…

Judy - Spruced Up

And last night I submitted an ad to CarGuide. I put $5000 on it, which is a tad high for a 1997 model, but she has only travelled 34,000km. Some others of that age were being advertised by dealers at a similar price, but none were under 170,000km!

The ad appeared on the site this morning, and at about 2.30pm I got the first call.

A potential buyer came, drove and offerred me $4500 – and the deal was done! Judy will be picked up by the new owner on Monday. And all this on Mother’s birthday!

Meanwhile, Yuko was photographing books in the garden…

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Stimulating the Japanese Economy

Today Suzy joined the Noswonky family, and we stimulated the Japanese economy. The environment was not so fortunate as Suzy’s existence will accelerate the global descent into disastrous climate change (apologies to greenman)…


Because Yuko didn’t want to drive home from Lindfield, we took the train to go and pick up Suzy. At least that saved some greenhouse gas emissions!

Although I had considered buying a more ‘green’ vehicle (such as a hybrid), I was unable to find one big enough for my needs – to carry my optical equipment.

Later, I tried fitting my telescope in the back. Even with Suzy’s large capacity, it was a tight fit…


Buying a Subaru

Going to a car dealer is like having an operation. You don’t like it but you have go there and let them rip your guts out to achieve the desired outcome.

That’s what we did today. To minimise the gut-ripping I took Yuko along to do any necessary haggling. She’s good at haggling.

So I left her in the office haggling with the dealer while I went and sat in the customers’ lounge which had a TV and refreshments. In fact it was 3pm and the TV was showing the media conference at which Windsor and Oakeshott were about to announce who would form government. I saw Windsor announce his support for Labor. Then, as Oakeshott started to speak, Yuko came back with the results of the haggling and I had to leave! So I missed it.

However, Yuko’s haggling proved adequate and I bought the car. It should arrive by the end of the month.

In the evening we went to Taiki to celebrate.

Recently Yuko had taken a bunch of photos of Taiki’s owners’ baby and given them a CD of the images. Tonight, the father (and sushi-chef) showed us one of the pictures which he has had framed…


Selling Mitsy

Today, I sold Mitsy!

The buyer was our gardener’s employee, Kon…

The deal was financed by Joe (our gardener and water man). He can be seen below signing the cheque while Kon looks on…

Then we posed for pictures with Mitsy…

Now, does anyone want to by a Ford Laser?

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