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Return to Work

Despite having no job, I went to work today anyway!

This is because I am supposed to be working two days per week as a contractor. I haven’t actually signed a contract yet so I my legal status in the workplace is unclear.

I will work tomorrow too, but as I have a late meeting every Thursday, today was the only day this week that Yuko could meet me in the city. We went to The Dome. The art density has increased significantly since our last visit!

Art covers the wall at The Dome

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First Day of Unemployment

It was my first day of full unemployment (if you don’t count the weekend). This explains the different feel of today’s coffee picture (above).

I have two main things to work on in the short term – setting up my home office, and writing code for ChesSOS. I made some progress on both today.

Then, in the afternoon we went to Firefly. One of the waitresses asked Yuko if she was Japanese – and she was! The waitress said her name was Kana (which I thought was a writing system) and she was also Japanese. Yuko and Kana then had a long conversation in Japanese and English.

Kana and Yuko (random dude looking on)

Coffee at Firefly

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Unemployment Ends

I took to the road at sunrise to formally end my lazy existence as an unemployed slob…

My destination was the quaint cobbled streets at the foot of the old coat-hanger where once upon a time, when there was still money in the world, tourists would congregate to sip coffee and listen to didgeridoos…

It was very exciting indeed!

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The Reader and the Caller

The Caller


Mother asked me to take her to see the movie ‘The Reader‘. We went to the Orpheum at Cremorne. The movie was adequate.

It’s the story of an anti-semitic Nazi tram-conducting pedophile who develops an addiction to cassette tapes. Then, when someone offers her a job, she declines emphatically.


When we came out of the movie, there was a message on my phone asking me to make contact regarding my recent job application. On making contact, the caller informed me that I had been successful and that my unemployed hobo status will soon end.

We then went to Epitome for coffee and Yuko came to join us and make merry. After coffee, we proceeded to The Red Chopstick for further celebration and merriment.

Yuko arrives at Epitome


Making merry at The Red Chopstick

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Meeting Dudes


Today I travelled to Macquarie Centre to meet two former work colleagues for lunch. I had asked one of them to bring some women with him but he was unable to find any, so it was just three of us.

We discussed the global financial crisis, climate change, my unemployed hobo status and which companies we should despise, and which we should suck up to.



A dude



Another dude


After lunch with the dudes, I met Yuko at Lane Cove and she once again kicked Belinda in the nose…


I then photogaphed these pots which Yuko had placed on our nature strip in the the hope that someone would steal them. I will photograph them again in a couple of days to see whether any have been taken.

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Meeting the Queen and Captain Cook


Another job interview today – so I did some ironing…


I had to go to the city for my interview. I parked in the Domain parking station which is nowhere near where I was having the interview. However I chose it for reasons which will become clear later. It did give me the opportunity to walk past the NSW parliament where I witnessed members of the public displaying their support for the government…


I was very early for the interview, so I loitered for a while at Circular Quay. As I was standing there minding my own business, I was approached by an 18th century explorer who engaged me in conversation. He assessed my software engineering skills and recommended me for the job…



After the interveiw I walked to Martin Place to meet Yuko who made her way there independently. We then walked to Mrs. Macquaries Point to see the Queen…


She was a big fat Queen, parked right next to Russell Crowe’s back door…




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First Day of Unemployment


Being an unemployed hobo, I decided to walk the Earth aimlessly.

First I inspected the pool. It was a stinking mass of scum and filth…

Scum and Filth


Then I walked past Mother’s house and saw a ‘POD’. I’ve never seen a POD before…




In the evening we went to Deli Hutt. While we waited for our food we were entertained by the waiter who was dropping chairs over the balcony onto the heads of innocent passsers-by. I think this was to substitute for the belly dancer who was unavailable.


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Last Day of Employment


It was my last day! So we went to the Shark. My work colleagues sat around drinking beer and contemplating the horror of the post-Noswonky world…


The Shark


Contemplating the post-Noswonky era


In the afternoon, my departure was celebrated with cake! There was one piece remaining which was left in the kitchen as a dare…



I was then immortalised on the wall, along with other great programmers of our time such as Larry Wall, The Camel and Jimmy…



I then handed in my ID, and left the building…



After becoming unemployed, I met Yuko at the QVB and we went to celebrate my new unemployed status at the Dome. I tried the ‘Market’ fish for the first time. It was a good fish indeed…



Random Street Scene

Fish – Yes Really
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