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Going to WeFa

We went to the mountains again today and look at some real estate in WeFa (Wentworth Falls)…

We also inspected the WeFa station for rats (and found none)…

Below is one house we looked at. It looked impressive from the outside, but inside it was a bizarro house, so we didn’t buy it…

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Signwriting and a Vixen

A package was sent to me by courier today, so I thought I’d better do some signwriting…

There are two problems to be addressed. First, if a delivery van drives up our driveway it will probably touch/snag our Optus cable as it is very low.

Second, being in the house behind another house which has the same number as ours, except that ours has an ‘A’ on the end – people sometimes get confused and go to the house in front.

So I made two signs to avoid these difficulties…

As it turned out, the delivery didn’t come today. They hadn’t actually said it would come today so I wasn’t bothered. I guess it will come tomorrow.

In the evening I went to the NAG meeting at the NSAS. It was very well attended this month with quite a few visitors. The president brought one of his scopes (he has a bigger one at home) and gave a talk on astrophotography. It was very informative indeed.

The president’s scope (below) is an 8 inch Vixen Sixth-Order Aspherical Cassegrain – a design I hadn’t seen before.

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Cash for Lewd Act

During the early part of January, the drive to work is Traffic Nirvana…

After work I was surprised to find Yuko sitting in the Plaza at Michels.

I gave her $65 for her participation in a lewd act with a dog three years ago. She was very happy indeed…

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Gawking at Americans (II)

As we didn’t really see any Americans on our last gawking outing we decided to go right to the source…

Despite the sign, the place was almost deserted – like a ghost town. There was a small beach where we did see one American group consisting of two Mothers and some children of various colours. We also saw a few military planes fly over…

There was a big wheel at the American Village, so we decided to ride it. It wasn’t as big as the Osaka Wheel which we rode in 2003, but the view from the top was adequate…

We had travelled to the village by bus – a 1 hour trip. When we were ready to go back, we made our way to the main road, and started looking for a bus stop. There were none in sight, but we noticed a bus approaching. Surprisingly, it stopped right next to us although we hadn’t signalled it. The door opened and we saw that it was the same bus driver who had taken us in the opposite direction earlier today! He had spotted us and made a special stop to pick us up.

When we got back to Naha, we made our way to the Nikko Grand Castle hotel once again. This time for the ‘Viking’ lunch. We were a tad late which meant we were the only customers in the place.

Our final adventure for the day was to board a plane and leave the island of Okinawa. The flight to Osaka only took a couple of hours, but we were quite tired when we finally reached our hotel. So rather than looking for a restaurant, Yuko walked along to the corner shop and bought bento boxes for dinner which we ate in our room. They were very nice indeed.

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Legal Matters

Today I had to visit my solicitor to sign some papers relating to Mother’s estate. To avoid the need to take time off work, I went to meet him at his office at 8.30am. I therefore had coffee at home first (above).

I usually leave for work early and drive across the Harbour Bridge at about 7.30am. But today I didn’t leave Lane Cove until about 8.45am. At that time the traffic is less than adequate. In fact it took me a while to even get out of Lane Cove. The picture below shows gridlock on Longueville Road – the bridge was also slow.

Gridlock in Lane Cove

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The Tram

This is the noble art of sand sculpture. When I saw the work being crafted in the morning I didn’t recognise what it was…

But by lunchtime, it had become clear. It was a JetStar tram…

There was also a JetStar plane, but that looked even less airworthy…

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End of Art

The artworks of Vivid Sydney are being dismantled. In the morning I saw some of the pieces strewn about the grass as William Bligh looked on…

At lunch time I went to buy guitar strings. Because I work in the scenic part of town rather than the practical part of town, I had to catch the train to the part of town where useful goods are sold. While waiting for the train, I was advised to stand behind a yellow line, so I did…

Meanwhile, Mother was having a bad day. She was due to have treatment in the afternoon in another part of the hospital – actually in another building. To get there, hospital rules mean that she had to be transported by ambulance, even though I could have taken her myself in about 5 minutes by wheelchair.

She had to wait 1 hour in a wheelchair at the pickup point, and then 30 mins in a bed before being taken by the Ambulance. Then the treatment itself was also moderately arduous. The whole process took nearly four hours and left her exhausted to the point where she was extremely weak and needed an oxygen mask when I visited her in the evening.

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Spooked by the Tweet

Today I joined Twitter just to try it out – but more of that later. Earlier in the day I saw a dead animal rotting on the grass of our dandy suburb…

And I also joined Twitter, but I digress. Earlier I saw someone riding a Segway. I don’t understand this machine. Isn’t it tiring standing up in one spot all the time?

And I joined Twitter. But within minutes, and before I had even tweeted, I received an email which spooked me and freaked me out…

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Changing a Light Bulb


After Belinda’s brake light had been non-functional for two years, and after numberous failed attempts by multiple mechanics to change the bulb, it was finally replaced successfully by Bernie the VW doctor on February 4th.

But today, after meeting Yuko at Lane Cove after work we drove home in two cars and I saw Belinda’s brake lights in action. The left one was again not functioning properly. It was working some of the time, but not all of the time.

Changing a light bulb is not a simple matter.

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End Nigh

As the end of my employment contract draws nigh, I thought I should get a picture of my workplace. Here it is…


On Thursday the Queen Mary 2 will be in the harbour and I would like to see it. My previous attempt to see the troublesome Queen in 2007 ended in failure as traffic chaos famously engulfed the whole city. It turns out that my current workplace provides an excellent view of the Garden Island dock where the grand ship will be parked. But the problem is that by Thursday, I won’t be working there anymore!

The QM2 will be visible from here, but I won't be here

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