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Macbeth and the Running Ghost

In the afternoon, we went over to Jan’s place, picking up Lady Macbeth on the way. The purpose of the visit was to give them money – which Mother bequeathed them…

Macbeth, Jan and Yuko

Jan gave us muffins and other goodies which we consumed enthusiastically…

Later as we walked the Earth, we saw ghosts, goblins and various monsters roaming the streets making threats against innocent families in their homes. Yuko took the picture below and added a Haiku in Japanese, which I can’t read…

Ghost (with Haiku)

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MacBeth Takes Jugs

This weekend I’m working from home to get a project competed on schedule – therefore, we didn’t go to Epitome for breakfast. However there was an important task which I had planned for this weekend which I had to make time for…

A couple of years ago, Mother gave me an envelope on which she wrote “Peter – Some last bequests”. Inside was a note which instructed me to distribute certain items to certain people, beyond what it says in her will.

Today, it was time to carry out the first of Mother’s instructions…  to give something to Lady Macbeth. I told LM of this shortly after Mother’s death, but I didn’t tell her what the items were. She has been trying to guess since then – tormented by my cryptic clues.

I packed the items carefully in a green shopping bag and at about 3.30pm Yuko and I went over to LM’s house. Jan was also there to share in the excitement (Jan is also included in Mother’s note and will receive a different gift next week).

Then I revealed all… Lady Macbeth receives Mother’s musical jugs…

Each jug has a song printed on it with pictures depicting the story in the song. When you pick up the jug, a music box inside plays the song. Lady Macbeth was very excited indeed…

The Widdicome Fair Jug

These jugs are thought to be about 70 years old, and unfortunately the music boxes in two of them are no longer functional. But the one above still plays “Widdicome Fair” adequately.

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The Singing Roo


When I arrived at the hospital tonight I found Mother wandering the hallways with a trashy tabloid magazine!

She told me that Lady Macbeth had visited today. Mother was surprised to see her because she doesn’t normally travel beyond the borders of Artarmon. But today she bravely ventured forth and brought Mother a kangaroo which sings Waltzing Matilda when you squeeze it.

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