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Dropping The Ball

Being a long-time astronomy geek, I decided it was time to take the short lunchtime walk from my place of work to Sydney Observatory

Other than a dude at the reception desk, the place was deserted. I looked through the exhibits.

The Transit Instrument

29cm Refractor in the South Dome

When I had finished looking around inside, I noticed it was a few minutes before 1pm. I was therefore able to observe the dropping of the Time Ball (below). I made a video of this exciting event which may become a future episode of Noswonky’s Most Exciting Moments.

The Time Ball

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Dribble Explained by Science

Some time ago on this blog, Yuko discussed teapot design and demonstrated the problem in this video.

Now it appears that science has solved the problem…

To celebrate this exciting news, I had lunch with a gull…


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Dropping Sea Levels

I went down to TamBay early in the morning to make some detailed measurements of the sea level. The results show that sea levels have dropped again. It looks like it will take a while until our house is a waterfront property.


Last Week

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