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Kazuki is a big eater, and we decided we should take him to an ‘all you can eat’ place. So we took him to Hawkes’ at Eastwood for lunch. While in the area Yuko also made a trip to the Korean supermarket…

Hawkes' Food

Tomorrow is the St. Ignatius’ College astronomy night in conjunction with the NSAS. I have volunteered to take my scope for the kids to look through, as have several other members. As I live right next to the school, I have been the man on the spot for the club, investigating the merits of the various playing fields with regard to viewing and vehicle access.

A last minute decision was made to switch the event from the first to the fourth field – so today I went to check the access gate and road…

Access to the Fourth Field

However, at about 4pm I got an email saying that the event had been cancelled due to cloud. Of course, I had already loaded up my car. Now I have to unload it again! This is the life of the amateur astronomer.

In the evening, Kazuki let our rat listen to an iPod…


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