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Big Scope Refurbishment

I went to the monthy WSAAG meeting in the evening. The observatory director informed us that the 24 inch telescope had taken its ‘second first light’ today.

First light is when a telescope is first tested by pointing it at the sky. In this case the scope is old, but it has had a major refurbishment. So today they tested it on the sky for the first time since the upgrades. Technically not ‘first light’ for this telescope, but ‘second first light’.

I don’t know all the details of the upgrades done to the scope, but the mirrors have been re-coated and parts of the tube have been replaced. The work is not complete yet and this was evident by the fact that the auditorium was in some disarray with workbenches and tools.

I think today might be the second anniversary of when we bought our house (settlement date), although it might have been yesterday.

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Going to WeFa

We went to the mountains again today and look at some real estate in WeFa (Wentworth Falls)…

We also inspected the WeFa station for rats (and found none)…

Below is one house we looked at. It looked impressive from the outside, but inside it was a bizarro house, so we didn’t buy it…

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Renovations and Beer

We had a look at Mother’s house today. The renovations are progressing quickly.

The bricks have now been covered with a new surface, a new front wall is under construction and some changes are being made to the roof…

Later we drank beer…

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We have been keeping an eye on Mother’s house because we were led to believe (by the estate agent) that the new owner was about to have it demolished. However, after a chance meeting today with a source (whose name I can’t disclose), we are now certain that it will not be demolished. The clinching evidence is that they’ve just installed a new fuse box on the side of the house!

New concrete driveway

Trenches in the Front Yard

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Mother’s House Demolition

It is almost exactly one year since the sale of Mother’s house was settled. Since then it has sat idle and empty with the garden growing into a jungle.

But now they have finally started getting ready for the demolition. The front garden has been cleared, including the big trees. The carport is gone and the awnings and gutters have been removed…

Below is the stump of the big gum tree,,,

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House to be Demolished

Today, while sitting outside at Firefly, a dude carrying a bag of sushi came over and engaged us in conversation. He was the agent who sold Mother’s house for us.

Yuko asked him if he knew what was happening with the house as it’s been unoccupied since we sold it (almost one year ago). He said that the new owners will begin demolition in about a month. It has taken them a long time to get council approval for the demolition and for the building of a new house.

Estate Agent holding Sushi

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Town House Inspection

In the morning, Yuko photographed a vine while I held an umbrella over her to keep her camera dry. It was very exciting work indeed…

We went to inspect a set town-houses which are now for sale at Lane Cove. They are newly built and located very close to the shopping centre.

They were quite nice inside and it is claimed that they have many ‘green’ features – solar panels, water recycling etc.

However we thought the asking prices were a tad high at $1.7M-$1.9M.

Townhouses at Lane Cove

In the afternoon while out walking I saw this bizarre sight – a signpost leaning over and swaying back and forth, its weight balanced by a heavy chain resting on the base…

Bizarro Signpost

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The Apple Man

While sitting in the outside section at Firefly, we were approached by the man I have previously referred as ‘The Man in Yellow‘. We had a conversation with him, and he noticed we were using Macs. He said he knew a local dude who does tech support for the Macintosh. Later as we walked to the carpark, we encountered him again and he gave us the dude’s card. As he did so, he indicated the dude’s physical stature…

Man in Yellow Describes the Apple Man's Stature

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Parking Propaganda

The new underground parking area at Lane Cove has an electronic system to identify the number of available spaces. The picture below shows the indication for the ‘disabled’ area. A quick visual inspection of the area showed that there were actually only two spaces available.

The indicator at the entrance shows the numbers for each level. The figure for level 3 also appeared to be wildly optimistic, as when I drove around I could only see perhaps half a dozen free spaces.

In the afternoon we went to a house auction in Pengilly Street. It was a one level house on a large block – the same size as Mother’s land. The price guide had been ‘over $2.2M’, but it actually sold for $2.49M. A very good result indeed.

At Pengilly Street Auction

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Final Cleaning Before Handover

The new owners are due to get access to Mother’s house tomorrow so I did some final cleaning…

Despite all the work we’ve done to get everything out of the house, I still keep finding small items that have slipped through the net. For example, today I found the thing pictured below. I’m not sure what it is…

I was in a quandry as to what to do about my Father’s collection of stickers and banners, which still adorns to the garage walls…

It looks like it would be difficult to remove the wooden panels, and even if I did, I really have nowhere at home to put them. I decided to just photograph them and leave them in place…

I will also need to hand over all the house keys. Mother had a tendency to misplace keys, so she combatted this problem by simply having a lot of keys…

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