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Blackface Panda

The picture below was taken at approximately 8:55am. As can be seen, the clock has not been adjusted for daylight saving. This is very disturbing as the clock is right outside my office. I asked the new guy in our team to shimmy up the tower and crank the mechanism to the correct time – but he declined.

Meanwhile, Yuko went over to Keiko’s house for another Sushi class! This time is was a special class with ‘mock’ students. Keiko was being interviewed by a journalist from the local Chinese magazine Waiwai, so the class was more of a demonstration for them than a real class.

For the demonstration, Keiko did the ‘Sushi Art’ lesson which is more advance than the one we attended on Saturday. Yuko said it was very difficult, but the results were impressive – particularly the depiction of Chinese wildlife.

The Waiwai photographer

Apparently, blackface is coming back into fashion, so when Yuko brought the sushi home, she applied blackface to the panda before grilling and eating it.

The pictures below show the panda with and without blackface…

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