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Earth Hour

Today I had to go and vote in the NSW election. There was some misunderstanding between Yuko and me about the nature of this event…

In the evening, I turned off our lights for Earth Hour. YouTube also thoughtfully provided a light switch on their site so that users could watch videos in the dark…

As expected our neighbours were not so supportive of greenness…

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New Job – No Pay

As I am currently ‘at sea’ I was unable to attend last night’s Annual General of the NSAS. However I received an email this morning informing me that I’ve been elected Vice President of the society in my absence!

I was approached by the President a few weeks ago about running for the position as it was becoming vacant.  He got me to sign a form and lo – I’m elected – without even running a campaign. The posting of the results is here.

From now on Yuko must address me as ‘Mr Vice President’.

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New PM’s Bizarro Website

I noticed today that the new Prime Minister has made an interesting choice of URL for her web site…

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Birds at The Vintage Cafe

There are few things more scary than a huge moving image of Kevin Rudd…

At lunchtime Yuko came over to meet me for lunch. We went to the Vintage Cafe – the place we went two weeks ago.

This time there were colourful birds in attendance and Yuko spent a lot of time photographing them…

The Noswonkies at the Vintage Cafe

Meanwhile, Mother’s time in hospital ended and she was sent back to the hostel.

She was transported there by ambulance in the afternoon and she was visited by a nurse from Community Aid. Mother said the nurse and the hostel staff treated her very well.

Meanwhile, Telstra has transferred Mother’s home phone number to her hostel room. I requested this more than a week ago by submitting a request on Telstra’s web site. I had heard nothing since, so I assumed nothing had happened, but I was wrong!

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Stalked by Politicians


First, it was the Prime Minister, now the Premier. I don’t know why these political dudes are so interested in my mundane tweets…


Meanwhile, somewhere in The Rocks…

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This morning I got up at 2.30am to watch George W. Bush stop being president. It was very exciting indeed. I watched until he was taken away in a helicopter and then I went back to sleep happy!







Meanwhile, a left-handed man who can say ‘nuclear’ was sworn in as president. Mother will be very happy about this as she believes that those in command of weapons of mass destruction should also know how to pronounce their names.



In the evening, Mother asked me to go to her house to carry a fan into her room. While I was there, Yuko called from Japan and I missed her call. This means I will be in trouble for not being home at 8pm!

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Election Prediction

I have $2.00 riding on a McCain victory. But at this stage my money is not looking safe.

My prediction is… Nader and Gonzalez by 1.

Visit votenader.org to support the campaign.

The next president of the United States

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