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Noswonky Employs Six Men

On Saturday, Sam (the magnificent gardener) came over to look at the work we want done in Mother’s garden. He gave us a quote (per hour) and said he would bring two other dudes to help him. So today he came to do the actual work. He brought five (not two) burly men with him and they stayed for seven hours. I was at work so I was not there to see it, but Yuko supervised and took the photos below.

Sam said he would come again tomorrow. But I told Yuko that if it was going to be another day with six men for seven hours, I would be unable to pay them for some time – so we’d better postpone it for a while. But Yuko said that we should proceed anyway! As she is the supervising foreman, I bowed to her wisdom. So if big burly men come to our house demanding money, I’ll refer them to her.

Sam (the mgnificent gardener)

Looking South

Looking West

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Gardener Repairs Car Wearing Funny Hat

A house is for sale just down the road from Mother’s house, so we went to have a look. It was strange house, looking like it was made from lego blocks, but very nice inside. The asking price is ‘over $1.9M’.

In the afternoon, Sam (the gardener who looks like Saddam Hussein)  came to Mother’s house to look at the work we want him to do. He was wearing a funny hat…

He also repaired Belinda. I piece of bodywork had been dangling off Belinda’s nose for months and Sam was able to push it back into place…

With regard to the garden work – he said he will come on Tuesday and Thursday with a moderate sized workforce and will charge me a huge amount of cash – so I hired him.

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