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Suzy Gets Dressed Up

At about 4pm it started raining. It was that kind of rain – with big drops – which often develops into hail. So I decided to dress Suzy up for the first time…

As it turned out there was no hail. I don’t know how much protection Suzy’s clothes would be if it did hail, but it’s probably better than being naked.

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Naked in the Dome

In the evening, Yuko and I both went to the City separately. Yuko had some stuff to do and she also met one of her Japanese friends for coffee.

Meanwhile, I went to the QVB for a secret meeting…

Tree in the QVB

I met with two dudes and we discussed a secret matter which I can’t talk about…

Secret meeting

After the meeting, I met Yuko and we had planned to go to the Dome for dinner. However, when we got there it was closed. Looking through the window we could see that the restaurant was full of people sitting at the tables. We then noticed that there were two naked women standing on tables in the middle of the restaurant! Apparently it was a art/drawing session. It is in “The Arthouse” building so it made sense.

I didn’t take a picture of the naked women for fear of being arrested.

With the Dome closed, we went to the Japanese restaurant ‘Hoya’ instead. Then we walked through a white tunnel…

Walking through a white tunnel



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Goats and Gardening

This is a goat…

And this is a garden…

It’s the front garden of Mother’s house after being beautified by ‘Joe the Water Man’, who, it turns out, can also do gardening. We need to keep Mother’s house looking reasonable for the handover to the new owners, so we employed Joe for the task. When I inspected his work in the evening, I was amazed at how good a job he’s done compared with our regular gardener!

This evening we also went to ‘The Dome’. The art on the wall tonight was mostly of naked women. However I didn’t photograph any of them because I didn’t want to look like a pervert.

The Dome


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Druids and Nakedness

I am still trying to take a really good early morning photo of the SOH as the Sun rises over it. This picture is not it…

However, I did mange to photograph some druids engaging in bizarre rituals near the shipping terminal. They were probably discussing Swine-Flu…

When I visited Mother, she told me about an incident last night involving the crazy man who continuously wanders the ward. The woman in the next bed had gone out to the bathroom, and had encountered the crazy man wandering the corridor completely naked! While I was listening to this story, the man himself came into Mother’s room and looked at us. Fortunately he was wearing a robe this time. I took the following picture of his feet as he left the room…

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Getting Naked in Carparks



Today I left work early to go to my afternoon job interview. Somewhere between work and the interview, I had to change my clothes so, as on past occasions, I got naked in the carpark. It’s surprising how easy it is to avoid being arrested for getting naked in carparks!

Fortunately there is no photographic record of the event.

The interview went reasonably well, and included a lot of technicall questions. However, the areas of technical experience they are looking for is a bit different from mine. I await news.

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Semi-Nakedness and Beer

It appears that semi-nakedness is not uncommon in the city…

In the evening we went to Taiki and drank large amounts of beer…

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It’s Tuesday again – so we went to The Dome again. Yuko met me in the QVB at 6.20pm.

Yuko waiting in the QVB

Yuko waiting in the QVB

The Dome is on the upper level of the ArtHouse Hotel, which is in this old building. Apparently they still do art there sometimes. I heard that they recently held a painting workshop in the restaurant with nude models on the tables. Unfortunately we missed it!

The Arthouse - Dome inside

The Arthouse - Dome inside

Tonight they gave us a ‘Golden Gift’. It’s a sealed envelope which, if we bring it on our next visit, will entitle us to something of material value. Obviiously this is just a scam to entice us to come back, but nevertheless it’s very exciting.

You can't beat a golden gift

You can' beat a golden gift

On the way back to the car, we pass this little Asian supermarket in Pitt Street. Yuko can’t resist going in and buying a variety of strange foods.

When a shop or restaurant claims to be Korean, it’s Korean. When it claims to be Korean and Japanese, it’s Korean. When it claims to be Japanese, it’s Korean or possibly Japanese. Therefore, this one must me Korean…

Korean Supermarket

Korean Supermarket

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