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In the morning we woke up in Newcastle – having slept through the docking process. We had breakfast looking out on the city…

I explored the ship a bit and found a second pool…

Then I put my feet up for a while…

The ship began moving at about 5.30pm and we went out on deck to watch. The Novocastrians gave us a rousing sendoff, with much shouting and waving.

After dinner we went to a bar where Yuko blogged and we drank a strawberry flavoured alcoholic concoction…

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Boarding Rhapsody of the Seas

It’s time to sail the high seas!

Today we boarded ‘Rhapsody of the Seas’ at the Rocks for the start of our cruise. We have a room with a balcony…

The initial view was of the toaster and SOH – which we’ve seen before, but this is expected to change.

We had lunch at 3pm in the ‘Wind Jammer’ with a view of The Rocks…

The Wind Jammer Cafe

Just before 7pm the ship began to move. It was very exciting indeed. As our first stop is Newcastle, I assumed we would make a left turn after exiting the heads. However, instead we just stopped outside the heads and made a very slow right turn until we were facing south. It took so long that I got bored and went inside. The next time I looked out, a couple of hours later we were moving at a decent speed towards our destination.

Noswonkys on the Promenade Deck

After dinner we went looking for a place to have coffee. We didn’t find one, so instead we drank mango martinis at a bar which had a live band playing cheesy music. We also connected to the ship’s WiFi Internet after overcoming some minor technical difficulties. Yuko was very happy about that.

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Boat Gawking

Yuko came to the city to meet me after work t the Quay Bar. I got there first and started drinking beer and skyping…

When Yuko arrived we had some nice food and Yuko tried to photograph seagulls.

As we returned to my car, we took a close look at the Arcadia, which was in port.

We talked about the possibility of going on a cruise. Yuko became very excited about this.

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Round Drums and Rectangular Pizza

At this time of year there is a different ship in port almost every day. Today, it was the Queen Victoria. This is probably the biggest ship which can fit at the terminal…

After work I met Yuko at Firefly. There was a display of Japanese Taiko drumming in the plaza, although the performers were not Japanese. They demonstrated a high level of skill as a large crowd gathered to watch.

Meanwhile, we decided to try Firefly’s pizza. It comes in a rectangular shape.

We also drank beer. It was very nice indeed.

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View Blocked

Today a pesky cruise ship blocked my Opera House view! It’s the end of civilisation as we know it…

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Selling Another House?

Today I saw The World! It was parked just outside my place of work which made seeing it very convenient…

When I arrived home and checked the snail mail, I found the note below from a neighbour. I wasn’t expecting to be back in the real estate market so soon…

Meanwhile, I thought I’d better move our Christmas tree from Mother’s house (where I had placed it to improve the auction result), to our house where it belongs. Our house now looks slightly Christmassy…

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In the morning, I went walking and saw some boys messing about with boats…

After breakfast (at 1pm), we noticed that there was a house open for inspection in nearby Pengilly Street. It’s  a brand new house which is being handled by the same agent we used (McGrath). It was actually auctioned on the same day and at the same time as our auction, but was passed in for around $1.9m. It was very nice indeed…

Yuko in the Pengilly St. House

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Signing on the Line

Today the ‘Amsterdam’ was docked a short distance from my office. It is an impressive vessel indeed…

Tomorrow, we have a ‘Joe the Water Man’ coming to clean Mother’s house outside and inside. He will also remove most of the remaining low-value items from inside the house. Yuko organised this and she thinks Joe can have the house ready for inspection by the end of this week!

I have been skeptical that we would be ready in time to sell before Christmas, but if Joe and his water live up to the hype, we might just make it.

It was therefore time to sign with an agent. We have been talking with McGrath for some time so we decided to sign with them. We went to their office at 5.30pm and had a meeting with them where they outlined their planned marketing campaign and the costs involved.

If all goes to plan we are aiming for an auction on December 12th.

Yuko in the McGrath Office

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The tall ship Gloria was in Sydney Cove today. I noticed it as I made my way to the Quay for breakfast and I wondered why it was here…

Then, I read about it… and found out that it’s here to bring ‘good will’…

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Ship Dinging


The Rhapsody of the Seas was parked (a nautical term) at the terminal today. It looked big!

I inspected the vessel carefully and located some damage. It looks like the captain has ‘dinged’ the massive craft against an obstacle…

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