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Plaza Construction

The plaza at Lane Cove has been fenced off for construction work for the past couple of weeks. Today we had a good look at the work from the balcony at Epitome…

It was very exciting indeed…

Meanwhile, the renovations of Mother’s house are coming along nicely. It looks like a new house!

Mother's House

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Renovations and Beer

We had a look at Mother’s house today. The renovations are progressing quickly.

The bricks have now been covered with a new surface, a new front wall is under construction and some changes are being made to the roof…

Later we drank beer…

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We have been keeping an eye on Mother’s house because we were led to believe (by the estate agent) that the new owner was about to have it demolished. However, after a chance meeting today with a source (whose name I can’t disclose), we are now certain that it will not be demolished. The clinching evidence is that they’ve just installed a new fuse box on the side of the house!

New concrete driveway

Trenches in the Front Yard

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Mother’s House Demolition

It is almost exactly one year since the sale of Mother’s house was settled. Since then it has sat idle and empty with the garden growing into a jungle.

But now they have finally started getting ready for the demolition. The front garden has been cleared, including the big trees. The carport is gone and the awnings and gutters have been removed…

Below is the stump of the big gum tree,,,

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Selling my 13 year-old

Judy (formerly Mother’s car), has been spruced up…

Judy - Spruced Up

And last night I submitted an ad to CarGuide. I put $5000 on it, which is a tad high for a 1997 model, but she has only travelled 34,000km. Some others of that age were being advertised by dealers at a similar price, but none were under 170,000km!

The ad appeared on the site this morning, and at about 2.30pm I got the first call.

A potential buyer came, drove and offerred me $4500 – and the deal was done! Judy will be picked up by the new owner on Monday. And all this on Mother’s birthday!

Meanwhile, Yuko was photographing books in the garden…

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Final Cleaning Before Handover

The new owners are due to get access to Mother’s house tomorrow so I did some final cleaning…

Despite all the work we’ve done to get everything out of the house, I still keep finding small items that have slipped through the net. For example, today I found the thing pictured below. I’m not sure what it is…

I was in a quandry as to what to do about my Father’s collection of stickers and banners, which still adorns to the garage walls…

It looks like it would be difficult to remove the wooden panels, and even if I did, I really have nowhere at home to put them. I decided to just photograph them and leave them in place…

I will also need to hand over all the house keys. Mother had a tendency to misplace keys, so she combatted this problem by simply having a lot of keys…

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Cheque II

You can’t beat free money, and today I received just that from my solicitor. This is the first part of the distribution of Mother’s estate.

I expect the publishing of the image below will cause havoc, woe and mayhem. That’s because the last time I published a picture of a cheque on this blog, my employer sacked me and I had to initiate legal proceedings. Four years later, I’m still not sure what that was about!

The cheques for the other two beneficiaries will be available next week when other cheques clear. It will be very exciting to finally give them their money!

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Finding Money

Several times while clearing Mother’s house, we have found small amounts of money stashed in boxes and drawers. But today Yuko hit the jackpot – she found $100 in a plastic bag under some books in the study. I suspect this was given to Mother by one of her students in the days when she used to coach HSC English. I’m not sure when Mother stopped coaching students, but it’s probably ten years, so the money must have been there all that time…

After such a find, we naturally went out and spent it immediately on a Japanese meal at Taiki. What little change remained, I told Yuko she could keep.

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Waste Out (I)

Tomorrow is the day the council will send dudes to pick up ‘waste’ (as opposed to garbage) from Mother’s house. So after work Yuko and I had to put the waste out on the grass. There is a limit of three cubic metres, which we may have exceeded. We hope this will be the first of many successful waste disposals…

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Legal Matters

Today I had to visit my solicitor to sign some papers relating to Mother’s estate. To avoid the need to take time off work, I went to meet him at his office at 8.30am. I therefore had coffee at home first (above).

I usually leave for work early and drive across the Harbour Bridge at about 7.30am. But today I didn’t leave Lane Cove until about 8.45am. At that time the traffic is less than adequate. In fact it took me a while to even get out of Lane Cove. The picture below shows gridlock on Longueville Road – the bridge was also slow.

Gridlock in Lane Cove

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