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Naked in the Dome

In the evening, Yuko and I both went to the City separately. Yuko had some stuff to do and she also met one of her Japanese friends for coffee.

Meanwhile, I went to the QVB for a secret meeting…

Tree in the QVB

I met with two dudes and we discussed a secret matter which I can’t talk about…

Secret meeting

After the meeting, I met Yuko and we had planned to go to the Dome for dinner. However, when we got there it was closed. Looking through the window we could see that the restaurant was full of people sitting at the tables. We then noticed that there were two naked women standing on tables in the middle of the restaurant! Apparently it was a art/drawing session. It is in “The Arthouse” building so it made sense.

I didn’t take a picture of the naked women for fear of being arrested.

With the Dome closed, we went to the Japanese restaurant ‘Hoya’ instead. Then we walked through a white tunnel…

Walking through a white tunnel



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