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New Bridge of Death?

Could this be the new Bridge of Death???

The newly expanded Library has been open for a few weeks now, but today was the first time we’ve had a look at it. We were impressed by the vast expanse of books and the other stuff found in libraries.

Yuko liked the fact that the study desks have power sockets for charging your electronic devices. It looks like a good place to go and blog on a hot day…

In the afternoon, Yuko suddenly announced that she would go to Japan tomorrow! She then corrected herself – she will go the day after tomorrow (Sunday). So she went out at 4.30pm to go to the city to buy her ticket…

This trip will be for photographic exploits and dentistry.

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The History of England

The Jug…



Yuko came with me to visit Mother tonight. Mother has a collection of books and Yuko began reading ‘The History of England’. It was a very short book…


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