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The Day of the Fair

At Epitome, a mistake was made with someone’s order, so Harley Davidson gave me the drink which was the result of the mistake – a kiddie’s iced chocolate with a cow on top! It was very exciting indeed…

The other exciting thing was that today was the day of the Lane Cove Fair! This is the one day of the year that we get to walk on the road without being killed…

There were many exciting exhibits – including this one…

In the evening we decided to try the new Thai restaurant which has just opened in the same location as the previous three Thai restaurants which all failed.

The food was reasonable – good enough that we will probably go back. Yuko did complain that one dish was a bit salty and the waiter apologised and said that the chef would be shot at dawn – so I guess that’s a good sign.

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The ‘Captured’ Video

Here’s the video from last Thursday of Yuko NOT winning the Lane Cove ‘Captured’ Photography Competition…

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Yuko Doesn’t Win Photo Competition

Tonight we attended the awards night for the Lane Cove ‘Captured’ Photography Competition. The theme this year was ‘One Village, One Earth’ – which we didn’t really understand. We took it to mean that entries should convey the co-existence of humans (the Village) and the natural environment (the Earth).

People milled about viewing the photos on display in the foyer of the council building. There appeared to be fewer entries this year…

People Milling

Yuko assesses the competition

There was free alcohol available for anyone who walked in off the street. We drank in moderation.

We had entered five pictures (the maximum allowed) each. But on the night, there is only one picture by each photographer on display. Yuko’s pictures were all of kookaburras, with some man-made stuff to represent the ‘Village’.

While there were a lot of very good photos, I didn’t think that many of them matched the theme very well.

Yuko’s picture (below) has the kookaburra (Earth) and a man-made structure (Village)…

However, Yuko’s success of last year was not repeated. At least I was able to repeat my failure of last year. The winners can be seen on the Council’s competition web site.

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Captured! (II)

The Lane Cove ‘Captured’ Photography Competition is on again. This year the theme is ‘One Village, One Earth’ – whatever that means.

Can Yuko repeat her success of last year? It will depend heavily on whether we can figure out what ‘One Village: One Earth’ means.

The local paper

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The house advertisement is now on the web – but not yet in print…

The actual ad is here.

Meanwhile, the ‘Woolworths’ development at Lane Cove is due to open on November 26 – it actually looks a long way from being ready. At least the sign has been erected out the front. I didn’t even know it was going to be caled ‘Market Square’…

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Woolworths Exposed

After years of heated debate and wrangling between council and residents, the new Woolworths development at Lane Cove is allegedly nearing completion. It has been boarded up until today, when it became exposed as shown in the picture. It doesn’t really look close to being ready for the proposed December opening…

Yuko has recently taken a liking to the pumpkin restauant La Zucca (formerly ‘Yellow’). We went there for dinner tonight and ate pasta…

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Captured (again)

A selection of the best pictures from the Lane Cove Captured Photography Competition are now on display at the Lane Cove Community Centre. We finally went to have a look today. Of course as the first prize winner, Yuko’s picture was there…

Yuko and her photo

I had a day off work today because I worked on the weekend a couple of weeks ago. But having a day off is no picnic! In the afternoon, I began work in Mother’s garage…