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Yuko Tweets

Yuko has been critical of Twitter for a long time. But now she has finally succumbed to the lure of the tweet. Despite this, she doesn’t want to tell anyone her Twitter id! We discussed it at Firefly today. Just before I started filming, Yuko said “I am a twit.”

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Electric Appliance and Dead Fish

This morning we were woken by some bastard banging on our front door. I stumbled out in a daze to see who it was. It was a courier delivering a package…

That’s the problem with letting Yuko loose on the Internet – she buys stuff! The package contained an ‘electric appliance’ – actually a small scanner. The amazing thing was that we got it working within minutes of opening the box! I haven’t yet got used to how easy it is to get stuff working with the Mac!

In the evening we went to the city and had dinner at Kabuki Shoroko – a Japanese restaurant. Yuko ordered the head of a dead fish. When it arrived it was ridiculously huge. She had to send it back to have it divided and half put into a takeaway box…

She also ordered an small dead fish…

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Beating the Boy

Last night Kazuki discovered my ChesSOS web site and promptly signed up and challenged me to a game. The result is in the following video…

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Lust for Speed

We recently got an email from our ISP (Optus) asking if we wanted to participate in a trial of a new ‘Speed Pack’ – a faster Internet service. Naturally, we said “‘yes’ Optus”.

The dude came this morning to swap our modem for a fatter and faster one. Here’s a picture…

And a closeup…

The Optus dude ran a speed test to see if the upgrade made a difference. Before the change, the test showed a download speed of about 9Mbps. After the upgrade it was about three times faster.

This was not as fast as the dude expected, so he suggested connecting the computer directly to the modem – bypassing the wireless router. When he did that the speed went up to about 100Mbps – about ten times faster than the first test. However, we had to revert to the router to be able connect our many computers.

Despite this, we are happy with a 3x speed increase.

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Moon Passes Venus as Internet Grinds

Our Interent connection has been grinding (the opposite of screaming) recently. It’s usually ok in the daytime but becomes very slow in the evening.

Last night I called Optus to report the problem. The dude gave me some instructions to do a speed test. I needed to move one laptop to the other room and connect it to the cable modem with a cable to ensure that any slowness was not being caused by the WiFi router.

I did the test at about 9am this morning. The test is simply a download of an 11MB file to see how fast it is. The result – 10KB/sec – confirmed that our connection has reverted to dial-up speed…

Optus called me back in the afternoon to get the result and agreed to book a technician to physically appear in our house! This will happen tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, in the evening, the Moon was right next to Venus in the western sky…

And a bit closer…

Moon and Venus

So I attached the camera to my telescope and took this picture…

Three day old Moon

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Optus Takes Money

A few days ago Yuko noticed a debit on her credit card for over $400 by Optus. Her iPhone bill is normally the same every month – about $60. In this case, she didn’t even receive the bill – they just took the money.

So we went to the Optus shop to query it. They said it was due to excess internet charges and that the bill had been mailed two week earlier. We therefore asked them to resend the bill so we could see the detail. Today it arrived.

The bill (below) shows the data volume and dollar value on a per-day basis. It appears that on one particular day in April, the usage was higher than usual by a factor of about a hundred…

Of course this is just Yuko’s iPhone usage. She would normally be using our cable connection while at home. I suspect that when she puts the iPhone in the cradle connected to her laptop, it automatically tethers, and if our home wifi drops out briefly, perhaps the laptop switches over to the tethered iPhone connection. If that happened, Yuko might have been using the iPhone connection all day without realising it.

But even if this occurred, 1.3GB would still be an unusually high amount for Yuko to use in a single day. Our normal combined usage is no more than 15GB per month and most of that is probably mine rather than Yuko’s.

In the afternoon we visited our solicitor to discuss our respective demises. I am changing my will significantly as I no longer have any close family beyond Yuko. However, the main beneficiary will remain unaware of being the beneficiary until my demise.

When we came out, it was raining heavily and we had to protect ourselves agains the deluge…

Preparing to go into the rain

Rain seen from solititor's office


Internet Unbroken

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, our Internet connectivity has been severely limited as a result of our router croaking. We have been surviving by using my Mac as a wireless router in the evening, and Yuko has been using iPhone tethering during the day when I’m at work.

So today, I went to a shop to buy a replacement router. I don’t know anything about networking, so I asked some random dude at work what I should buy and he said “Cisco!”

I purchased a medium priced device for $324 and brought it home. Amazingly, I got it working with no difficulty! Yuko was very happy to have civilisation restored.

Cisco Router (with Christmas ornament and dinosaurs)

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Internet Broken

Yuko came to the city to meet me after work and we went to Hoya in York Street. She mentioned that she’d had a problem connecting to the Internet at home.

As it happened, today was one ot the rare days when I needed to do some work in the evening, due to an urgent requirement from a client, so when I got home, I needed to use the Internet seriously – but alas it was broken!

I soon determined that our wireless router was the problem – I could connect to the network, but not to the Internet. However, by connecting a cable directly from the modem to my Mac, I was able to get online.

I had brought my Toshiba work laptop home, so I then plugged the cable into that, so that I could VPN into the company network. But alas, I could not obtain Internet on the Toshiba laptop – nothing!

Next I tried my Dell Windows machine, but again, nothing! The Dell also has build-in wireless braodband with Vodafone, so I was able to get online with that – but it was flakey and dropped out too frequently to use the VPN.

Another option was to use my iPhone connection via bluetooth, but the bad mobile reception in our area thwarted this as well.

But the Mac is an amazing machine. A couple of minutes messing around in the settings, and I was able to turn my Mac into a wifi access point! I was therefore able to share its Internet connection wirelessly. Yuko was able to connect to the new network from her Mac with no difficulty. But alas, the two Windows machines could not even see the Mac’s wifi network.

I could not use the Mac for my work because it doesn’t have the VPN software/config etc.

So that was it – three computers, and three ISPs, and the Mac was the only machine that I could get online.

Thus my evening work plan was thwarted. This means I will have to go to the office early tomorrow to get the work done before 9am!

Dell, Toshiba, Mac - Only one works

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Google Money

We have achieved parking Utopia in Lane Cove…

Belinda - In Parking Utopia

This evening, while checking my bank accounts, I noticed an unexpected deposit from ‘Arvato Finance’. The transaction description also mentioned Google. I wasn’t expecting such a deposit and there was no other indication of what it might be for…

I can only assume it relates to the email below which I receive back in October…

I did apply, as suggested, but I never got a reply to tell me whether it had been accepted or not. I can now assume that it was.

As Yuko is the co-star of the video, I gave her half the money, However, the dog remains without remuneration.

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Internet Anomaly


This evening I downloaded a file, the contents of which is not important here. But it was a big file, and being accustommed to third-world download speeds, I was shocked to see the speed at which my file was downloading. I have never seen a download this fast on our home connection. Perhaps Kevin Rudd has been digging up cables in Lane Cove and replacing them with optic fibres…

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