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Kintaro – Dead!

Today I found Kintaro floating on the surface of the water dead. Yuko put him in the fridge for burial at a later date…

As usual, I went for a walk in the afternoon. I encountered this overhanging tree…

Although I’ve passed this way many times before, and I know about the tree, on this occasion I walked right into it smashing my skull against the branch.

The problem was that I was wearing a hat which obscured my view above the horizontal, so I didn’t see it. I then made the picture below to illustrate the geometry of the situation. I can use this in any legal action that may follow…

Meanwhile, Yuko has been sick. She’s been sleeping a lot, including on the sofa during the evening..

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I felt much better this morning, although stilll not hungry despite eating nothing for 36 hours. I ate a small breakfast and still felt ok.

In the afternoon we went to Epitome where I just had coffee. I declined to eat anything for fear of vomiting in public.

By the evening I decided to go for it – so we bought takeaway at the Red Chopstick and ate it at home.

Still no vomit! I think I’m cured.

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This morning I woke up sick. I made breakfast for Yuko, but felt too sick to eat anything myself (note empty coffee cup). I spent most of the day lying in bed.

In the evening Yuko made soup and I tried to eat some. However, within minutes the soup returned in the form of projectile vomit!

After that I felt better but still far from perfect.

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