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Stealing From The Poor

After work I met Yuko at Lane Cove and we went to have a meeting with our estate agents. They gave us a list of the people who are potential buyers and the feedback from each one. We discussed the possible scenarios that might unfold at the auction and I also set a reserve price. The meeting lasted more than an hour.

Yuko at the Agents' Office

We then went to Taiki. Yukiko (the owner) is due to have a baby in a couple of weeks. It’s very exciting indeed.

Yuko and Yukiko Talking About Babies

As we returned to the car, Yuko spotted a little stool beside the charity clothing bin. I assume it was left there as a donation for the poor. Despite this, Yuko picked it up and blatantly stole it! I was disgusted.

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Remote Tree

With the auction looming, I thought I would encourage the buyers by making the house look Christmassy. So I errected a tree in the living room of Mother’s house. This is actually the tree which normally decorates our house, so we are treeless, at least for now. I left the lights on in blatant disregard of the climate change implications…

Meanwhile, Mother’s neighbours have recycled the sign that they earlier stole from us. They’ve cut it in half, added new text and placed it under the ‘For Sale’ sign…

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First Inspection

Although Mother’s house is now looking reasonable, I was still a tad surprised yesterday when the estate agent told me on the phone that they intended to open it for a ‘preview’ inspection today. As it is not yet advertised, the agent has called a bunch of people on their database who are known to be in the market for similar properties.

When I went out walking in the morning, I came upon several of these signs located at strategic points – including right outside the house…

I received a text message today from an occasional blog reader, sugesting that I take up a new profession…

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Roof Maintenance II

Afew weeks ago we paid a deposit on a product to keep the leaves out of our gutters (see Roof Maintenance). Today, the dude came to perform the work. I had to stay home to pay him while Yuko went out. He took about 5 hours to complete the job. It involves covering the gutter and the first tile, as well as the gullies with a mesh. He had to drop pinky onto the ground temporarily to get access to the gutters.

Pinky droops to the ground

The mesh - coloured to match the gutter

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Fire Training

The firefighters were in training at Riverview today…

Of course I immediately reported them for breaching the water restrictions…

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The Day Off

It’s my day off!  A reward for working last weekend. To celebrate, we drank wine instead of coffee! (above)

I used part of my day off to address some outstanding administrative matters concerning Mother. This included paying some of Mother’s outstanding bills. In particular, her car insurance was overdue, and when I called NRMA to ask what should be done about Mother’s policies, they said I would have to go to one of their branches and show them copies of the death certificate and the will so that they could authorise me to manage those policies.

This in turn meant I had to see my solicitor to get the certified copies of the necessary documents. So Yuko and I went to see him after lunch. It was also an opportunity to get an update on the progress of the estate. He said a new system for probate has recently been introduced and he doesn’t yet know how long it typically takes.

Meanwhile, the drug culture in Lane Cove is becomming so entrenched that the council has started erecting warning signs…

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