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Delivery Debacle

At about 9am the delivery driver from TNT rang me. He said he would be here between 12.30pm and 1.30pm. I mentioned to him that our house is up a driveway and warned him not to drive up it because of the low overhead cable.

I put the signs out again – with the big red house number and an arrow pointing up the driveway – so that he couldn’t miss it.

So then I waited… 1.30, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm…

At 4.30pm I decided to call TNT to find out what was going on. They were unable to tell me anything unless I could tell them the ‘consignment number’, which I didn’t have. So I had to call the sender to get the number and then call TNT back. The woman told me that the driver had attempted to make the delivery at 4.15pm – 15 minutes earlier – but he had reported that nobody was home.

I was shocked, stunned and appalled.

She asked me to check my letterbox, which I did, and found this…

How could this happen? It is almost beyond belief that the driver could have come to my door and been unable to attract my attention. Also the garage, which is attached to the house, had been open the whole time. How could he see that and think nobody was home? The only plausible explanation is that he went to the house in front of ours (which has the same number without the ‘A’).

I now have to wait two more days before they will attempt another delivery.