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The Garage Sale

It was the day of the Garage Sale…

I went alone to Mother’s house before 7am to prepare.

I had advertised a 9am start, so it was my intention to go out at about 8.30am to put the signs up at a couple of strategic intersections. But my plan was thwarted when, although I had not even put the main sign out, the first hunter-gatherer arrived at about 8.20am! Once I let him in, a constant stream of customers began. And all this time, Yuko was still at home sleeping!

Yuko arrived at about 9.30am…

I was then able to go and put the signs up on the road while Yuko looked after the shop…

The main purpose of the sale was to dispose of the remaining large items. We succeeded to some degree – selling two sideboards, a desk, a dressing table, the washing machine and the safe The people who bought the safe were unable to move it (that’s the whole point of a safe), so they will come back in the next few days with a bevy of strong-men and heavy equipment.

We didn’t expect to make much money from the sale because were were desperate to get rid of everything and were selling things at ridiculous prices. But despite this, when I counted the takings, it came to $199…

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Sign Writing for Dummies

Tomorrow we are holding a garage sale at Mother’s house. So tonight, we went there to put price tags on as many items as possible. While we were there, a couple arrived to buy stuff. They had seen the advertisement I had placed in the North Shore Times and had booked a private advance viewing. They spent $30.

Later, I became a sign-writer…

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Exploiting Hunter-Gatherer Populations

Yuko has been using a ‘passive waste disposal’ strategy to dispose of items from Mother’s house. She simply leaves them out on the nature strip and they are picked up by hunter-gathers who happen to be passing. This stragegy has been surprisingly successful. The items below disappeared within a day. The only problem is that sometimes people add to the pile. The black boards in the picture, which are actually the pieces of a coffee table, were added by some non-hunter-gatherer bastard!

We went to Taiki for dinner. It was warm enough to sit outside. Yuko drank a huge glass of beer. Then, when the waiter took the empty glass, he mumbled something that I didn’t understand and Yuko replied ‘yes’ – even though she didn’t understand him either. It turned out he had said ‘do you want another beer?’ As we were travelling in separate cars, Yuko had to drive so I thought it was unwise for her to have a second glass. Therefore I was forced to drink most of it myself, which was very arduous…

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The Cook Off

What it the “Cook Off”?

People cook stuff, and put it out for eating. Then the eaters vote to decided the winner.

It was very exciting indeed. The food was laid out on tables on the barbeque deck and the people stood around in awe at the magnificent feast on display!

Unfortunately, those who didn’t cook (such as myself) were banned from eating. So I had to seek food elsewhere.

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Demolition and Groceries

When I went for my walk this morning, I was shocked to see that the house at the end of our street – right next to TabBayRes – has been completely demolished! We attended the auction of this house a couple of years ago and it seemed like a very nice house – not fit for demolition…

It’s a long time since we’ve been to Maroo at Eastwood, and therefore it’s a long time since we’ve been to the Korean supermarket which is near Maroo. Yuko was becoming agitated and suffering withdrawal symptoms due to Kim Chee deprivation. So we made a special trip to Eastwood today just to visit the Korean supermarket. It was very exciting indeed…

A wonderland of Korean produce

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Amo Roma and Custard

Yesterday, Mother requested home-made custard, which beats hospital food any time. So today Yuko made custard and I took two portions to Mother. She began eating it while I was there.

She said that during the night the loony woman kept appearing beside Mother’s bed saying “Hello” in a very loud voice.


I told Yuko about the Italian restaurant I went to with my co-workers a few days ago. We decided to go there tonight. It’s called Amo Roma, which means “What have the Romans ever done for us?”

Amo Roma

After dinner we decided to go fishing, but it was prohibited…

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