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Dropping The Ball

Being a long-time astronomy geek, I decided it was time to take the short lunchtime walk from my place of work to Sydney Observatory

Other than a dude at the reception desk, the place was deserted. I looked through the exhibits.

The Transit Instrument

29cm Refractor in the South Dome

When I had finished looking around inside, I noticed it was a few minutes before 1pm. I was therefore able to observe the dropping of the Time Ball (below). I made a video of this exciting event which may become a future episode of Noswonky’s Most Exciting Moments.

The Time Ball

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The Battle of Okinawa

At about 3am, I was woken by a noise and looked about the room to see what was happening. This is what I saw…

Today we used the regular bus (rather than an organised bus tour bus) to travel to various exciting destinations. At one point we had to change busses at a remote location. Below (right) is the bus terminal where we found ourselves lost and stranded without a suitable bus. Yuko had to ask for directions at the terminal, which was most primitive building I’ve seen in some time (in any country)…

We visited a memorial and museum which tells the history of The Battle of Okinawa. It was sad and disturbing to learn fate of the civilians, and particularly the school children who were involved.

Next, we went to a place where there is a cave – the kind with stalactites etc. After taking the cave tour, we were forced to walk through and past a large number of souvenir shops in the hope we would buy something. We then attended a live show where some dudes danced and beat drums. It was very exciting indeed…

As we have seen at many places in Japan, there was free alcohol provided for the purpose of ridding our filthy hands of swine flu…

Free Alcohol

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Horse and Mail

As I walked to the cafe this morning, I noticed a horse over near the water. I went to investigate and saw the town crier shouting and ringing his bell. It was to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Australia Post. It was very exciting indeed…

A bit later, the sailing ship the James Craig arrived. I later learned that they used this ship beacause it looks a bit like the first ship that carried mail to and from Australia in 1809.

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