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Tree Succumbs to Gravity

In the afternoon, a dude knocked on my door and asked if I owned the car which was parked outside. I didn’t, but he was asking because the road had been partially blocked by a fallen tree and the car was blocking the other side.

I went out to gawk…

Yuko was at the gym, and was due home soon. I was concerned that she would freak out it she arrived home and was blocked by a tree. I sent her an SMS to warn her.

A ranger came and blocked the road while a gardener from the college started cutting up the tree with a chain saw. Then I helped them to move the pieces onto the nature strip.

While this was happening Yuko did arrive home and her car was stopped by the ranger. She hadn’t seen my message. I jumped in the car (and Yuko jumped out) and I drove it around the block to get into our street from the other end. Meanwhile, Yuko took pictures of the tree.

Later a dude brought a four-wheel-drive and used a chain to pull the last heavy branch down from the tree.

The whole episode was very exciting indeed!

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Naked at the SOH

As I strolled to the Quay this morning, I glanced over at the Opera House and noticed that the steps had turned ‘flesh’ colour.

I zoomed in and witnessed 5000 people performing a massive lewd act on the steps of the iconic structure. It was for artistic purposes…

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There’s a new Thai restaurant at Lane Cove – Pandan Thai. It’s in the same location as the two previous Thai restaurants (the last being ‘Royal Cuisine’) which, presumably went out of business.

Pandan Thai - On the top level

So today we decided to try it…

The food was reasonable, and quite inexpensive. However, we were spooked by the dude pictured below – who appeared to be the manager. He kept hanging around gawking and making conversation with us, including speaking Japanese to Yuko (which she finds irritating).

He even took pictures of us secretly and without our permission! He also lamented the fact that we had missed out on the 30% discount which had been on offer in their opening week (last week) and so he offered us free dessert instead.

So when we had finished our main course, we waited patiently for the dessert, but it didn’t come. So after about 20 minutes we got bored and left.

Freaky Restaurant Dude

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Gawking at Americans (II)

As we didn’t really see any Americans on our last gawking outing we decided to go right to the source…

Despite the sign, the place was almost deserted – like a ghost town. There was a small beach where we did see one American group consisting of two Mothers and some children of various colours. We also saw a few military planes fly over…

There was a big wheel at the American Village, so we decided to ride it. It wasn’t as big as the Osaka Wheel which we rode in 2003, but the view from the top was adequate…

We had travelled to the village by bus – a 1 hour trip. When we were ready to go back, we made our way to the main road, and started looking for a bus stop. There were none in sight, but we noticed a bus approaching. Surprisingly, it stopped right next to us although we hadn’t signalled it. The door opened and we saw that it was the same bus driver who had taken us in the opposite direction earlier today! He had spotted us and made a special stop to pick us up.

When we got back to Naha, we made our way to the Nikko Grand Castle hotel once again. This time for the ‘Viking’ lunch. We were a tad late which meant we were the only customers in the place.

Our final adventure for the day was to board a plane and leave the island of Okinawa. The flight to Osaka only took a couple of hours, but we were quite tired when we finally reached our hotel. So rather than looking for a restaurant, Yuko walked along to the corner shop and bought bento boxes for dinner which we ate in our room. They were very nice indeed.

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