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Snow Pea Sprout Dropped!

Yuko made me dig holes in the garden today. It was not very exciting.

Later, I spent a lot of time working on my various web projects.

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Horses Up Close

Yuko wanted to buy garden tools today so we went to the hardware shop and bought garden tools.

Then we went to another hardware shop to buy some different stuff. Yuko was very happy.


She also wanted to take pictures of horses…


Today I also registered three (3) domains for a secret project I’m working on.

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I’m Inadequate

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Mower Delivery

Today we stayed home to wait for the delivery of our new mower. Hence, breakfast at home (above).

Actually, we don’t need a mower, we don’t want a mower and we didn’t buy this mower. We only have it because several months ago we bought another large item and the manufacturer was running a promotion – ‘buy this item and get a free mower’. They claim it’s worth $1000, so I thought we’d better take advantage of it. I had to fill in some forms, mail them back and wait a couple of months, but it finally arrived.

Anyone want to buy a mower?

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Rocky Returns

This is Rocky…

Rocky used to visit us frequently when we lived at Greenwich many years ago, but has rarely been seen in our Riverview garden. However, Yuko has attracted Rocky with fruit…

Yuko attaches fruit to a tree

Of course, her motivation was purely photographic…


The Steam Roller

Joe the Water Man is away on holidays, so he sent his brother to do our gardening today. I secretly took this picture of him through my window…

Water Man's Brother

The local play park is being refurbished and I’ve learned that the old steam roller is going to be kept and ‘upgraded’. I used to play on this very steam roller when I was a toddler. I would like to play on it again, but I might get arrested.

Steam Roller