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Grocery Shopping

An uneventful day…

I also edited the vlogs from the past week into a single vlog which I posted on my noswonky channel. I might do this every week, or I might not.

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Snow Pea Sprout Dropped!

Yuko made me dig holes in the garden today. It was not very exciting.

Later, I spent a lot of time working on my various web projects.

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Yuko gets locked out

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Culinary Adventures

With Yuko in Japan, I decided to cook Gyoza myself tonight. I also cooked rice (not shown).

It was a culinary triumph!

Gyoza Cooked by Noswonky

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Buying Food and Storage

Today we went to the Korean supermarket at Eastwood to stock up on food in an effort to keep up with the consumption of the boy. In particular, we wanted to buy the ingredients to make gyoza…

Korean Shop

On the way back, we stopped at Harris Technology to buy 500GB of storage for Kazuki. He’s been taking photos and video and needs the extra storage…

Yuko hands Kazuki 500GB

In the evening, we got Kazuki to earn his dinner – by cooking it…

Kazuki cooks gyoza

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Boy Meets Lizard

It was time for the boy to meet some fauna. Strangely for a Japanese tourist, he chose to eschew the Australian wildlife and go for the African…

Applying deadly chemicals

Funny hat - long neck

Meeting the lizard - It was very docile

Checking wingspan

Then... pizza

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Eating Trout

It was time for another team lunch! This time we went here.

When our food arrive, we looked at it in amazement…

I ate a very nice piece of trout…

While I ate, a crazy dude tried to stare me down, but I ignored him…


Round Drums and Rectangular Pizza

At this time of year there is a different ship in port almost every day. Today, it was the Queen Victoria. This is probably the biggest ship which can fit at the terminal…

After work I met Yuko at Firefly. There was a display of Japanese Taiko drumming in the plaza, although the performers were not Japanese. They demonstrated a high level of skill as a large crowd gathered to watch.

Meanwhile, we decided to try Firefly’s pizza. It comes in a rectangular shape.

We also drank beer. It was very nice indeed.

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Knife Threat

Today we had our monthly team lunch. You can’t beat a free lunch…

We went to a pizza restaurant, so I ate pizza…

During lunch, one of my colleagues threatened me with violent death. Fortunately I survived…

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Meat and Plums

It was free meat day. You can’t beat free meat!

There was one mutant sausage of extraordinary length, which I grabbed…

Mutant Sausage with hand for size reference

Meanwhile, Yuko went to pick up the huge quantity of pickled plums which she has had on order for weeks. She was worried that they would not arrive before she leaves for Japan, but they did, and she picked them up today. She asked me to buy 1kg of salt to put them in, where they will sit for a long time – maturing…

Yuko gawks at her pickled plums


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