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Brothels on Street View

As I wandered the streets of Lane Cove this evening, I noticed that workers were busy transforming local businesses into brothels… again

At least the Commonwealth Bank was not turned into a brothel. Instead it was just turned into a different branch…

Perhaps I should have taken up that pimping job oportunity after all!

Meanwhile, a google camera car was ominously parked nearby. I wonder what the Google Street view of Lane Cove is going to look like if they shoot it today!

Google Presence

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Skate Board Chicken


I went to the city today, partly to investigate my commuting options for next week when I start work. While there, I came upon a strange sight. There were several dudes with large cameras pointing up a steep street where nothing appeared to be happening. At first I thought there must be some VIP or celebrity due to pass by. However it became apparent that it was actually the filming of a skateboard stunt.

I watched for a while in the hope of seeing something exciting. It appeared that a dude on a skateboard was supposed to launch himself down a set of stairs, or perhaps slide down the railing. As I watched, the dude made many approaches to the steps, but on every occasion, he stopped short. It appear he was too scared to do it. The film crew became frustrated. I eventually gave up and left so I don’t know whether they ever got the shot.

Dudes with cameras




Skateboard chicken




Jumping, but not down the steps


Later we went to Epitome and I placed my hand on Yuko’s head. When we got home, Yuko spent some time blatantly spying on the neighbours with her camera…

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The Reader and the Caller

The Caller


Mother asked me to take her to see the movie ‘The Reader‘. We went to the Orpheum at Cremorne. The movie was adequate.

It’s the story of an anti-semitic Nazi tram-conducting pedophile who develops an addiction to cassette tapes. Then, when someone offers her a job, she declines emphatically.


When we came out of the movie, there was a message on my phone asking me to make contact regarding my recent job application. On making contact, the caller informed me that I had been successful and that my unemployed hobo status will soon end.

We then went to Epitome for coffee and Yuko came to join us and make merry. After coffee, we proceeded to The Red Chopstick for further celebration and merriment.

Yuko arrives at Epitome


Making merry at The Red Chopstick

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Australia – The Movie

Today is Tuesday, and Yuko came to the city to meet me for dinner. However, there was also a special event in the city this evening…

Special Event

Before meeting Yuko I went to gawk at the activities in George Street, where the premiere of Australia was getting underway. Half the width of George Street was closed and a tent-like structure had been errected due to light rain. Police were directing traffic and shouting abuse at pedestrians who stopped to gawk (like me). But I stood on the corner watching as cars arrived and VIP looking people got out and walked into the tent. I didn’t see Nicole or Hugh, but I assumed that the people I saw were important because they were wearing suits and evening dresses…

Chaos in George St.

Chaos in George St.

I tried to get to the red carpet but unfortunately, I was not on the “A” list. In fact I’m not even on the “B” list or the “C” list, so I was ejected onto the street like a piece of garbage. I did manage to get a glimpse of the red carpet…

The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet

After being ejected from the red carpet, I met Yuko and we went to the Dome where we ate dead birds and saw a painting with a musical theme…

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