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Expert Parking Skill

This picture demonstrates my expert parking skills…

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Today I juggled…


Later, when I went to visit Mother, I found a Chinese man in Mother’s bed!

It emerged that Mother had been moved out of her luxury private room and she is again sharing a room with three other patients. She was not happy and asked me for a weapon so that she might seek vangance against the Chinese man, who is apparently isolated because he’s carring a deadly virus.

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Skate Board Chicken


I went to the city today, partly to investigate my commuting options for next week when I start work. While there, I came upon a strange sight. There were several dudes with large cameras pointing up a steep street where nothing appeared to be happening. At first I thought there must be some VIP or celebrity due to pass by. However it became apparent that it was actually the filming of a skateboard stunt.

I watched for a while in the hope of seeing something exciting. It appeared that a dude on a skateboard was supposed to launch himself down a set of stairs, or perhaps slide down the railing. As I watched, the dude made many approaches to the steps, but on every occasion, he stopped short. It appear he was too scared to do it. The film crew became frustrated. I eventually gave up and left so I don’t know whether they ever got the shot.

Dudes with cameras




Skateboard chicken




Jumping, but not down the steps


Later we went to Epitome and I placed my hand on Yuko’s head. When we got home, Yuko spent some time blatantly spying on the neighbours with her camera…

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For the third Wednesday in a row, I took a car to the doctor early in the morning. This time it was Mitsy again – to get the driver’s door handle fixed. It was raining, so after dropping Mitsy, I had to walk home in the rain…

Then I drove to work with Belinda…

Rain on the SHB


When I picked Mitsy up in the afternoon I took a picture of Bernie the car doctor performing a feat of strength…

Feats of strength - Bernie the car doctor

Feats of strength - Bernie the car doctor



Then I met Yuko at Aristocrat where I cooled off with iced coffee…

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