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Laundry, Magic and an Island

Another day at sea…

We did our own laundry and hung it illegally on our balcony…

At about 1.30pm we passed Willis Island – a very exciting moment indeed. We stopped and dropped anchor briefly there. The reason for doing this was a technicality – to make the voyage an ‘International’ one so that we can have duty free shopping on the ship!

Willis Island - Population 3 (at last count)

We both did ten laps of the ship – which was very arduous.

After dinner we went to a live show in the ship’s theatre. It was a magician called Duck. He was quite good, although he didn’t cut any audience members in half or make an elephant disappear.

In the theatre

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Bastards and Magic

This morning I had to go to see my solicitor at Lane Cove to sign a piece of paper. When I parked, I noticed this bastard taking up a large number of parking spaces…


Later in the day, I saw a dude performing magic…

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Blackface Panda

The picture below was taken at approximately 8:55am. As can be seen, the clock has not been adjusted for daylight saving. This is very disturbing as the clock is right outside my office. I asked the new guy in our team to shimmy up the tower and crank the mechanism to the correct time – but he declined.

Meanwhile, Yuko went over to Keiko’s house for another Sushi class! This time is was a special class with ‘mock’ students. Keiko was being interviewed by a journalist from the local Chinese magazine Waiwai, so the class was more of a demonstration for them than a real class.

For the demonstration, Keiko did the ‘Sushi Art’ lesson which is more advance than the one we attended on Saturday. Yuko said it was very difficult, but the results were impressive – particularly the depiction of Chinese wildlife.

The Waiwai photographer

Apparently, blackface is coming back into fashion, so when Yuko brought the sushi home, she applied blackface to the panda before grilling and eating it.

The pictures below show the panda with and without blackface…

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Yuko Accepts Hollywood Offer

A few days ago I was contacted by another TV production company asking to use one of my videos. The last time this happened, nothing happened! I think the show was cancelled before it went to air, and consequently we never got paid!

See: Previous TV Deal

This time it’s Hollywood calling… and it turns out that Hollywood pays significantly more than Channel Ten (who would have thought?) So, being greedy bastards we decided to make a deal.

As the main ‘performer’, Yuko had to sign a release…

That was only one of several pages of legal documents I had to wade through before the deal was sealed. Basically I had to agree to be exploited an infinite number of times, forever, and on any and all media that have ever been invented or will ever be invented. They actually used the word ‘exploit’…

Licence to Exploit

Today I sent the signed documents back to them and uploaded the original footage. Now we just have to wait for the cheque to arrive and we’ll be laughing!