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Yuko Gets a Student

A couple of days ago we went to Chatswood and, while there, Yuko went to a second-hand clothes shop. The shop owner saw Yuko’s camera and immediately employed her to teach her photography!

Today, we met the student – Lynette – at Epitome where Yuko gave her a lesson while I ate breakfast…

Photography Lesson in Progress

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Yuko Returns with Minor

I woke up before dawn this morning because I had to drive to the airport to pick Yuko up. She was returning from Japan with a young boy! Here’s the video…

Yuko and the minor

The minor feeds Rocky

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Encounter With Man in Yellow

I went walking an witnessed the devastation from the recent storms. I was confronted by a particularly shocking scene at the Bridge of Death, where the raging river had left a stack of logs piled up against the deadly structure…

I continued my walk, and on a leafy street, I encountered a man in yellow carrying a woosy shoulder bag. I walked right past him, but then he called out my name. I stopped and realised that I knew him. In fact I recently gave him a huge amount of money, and he was still smiling…

Yuko also found a dead spider on the sofa. I denied responsibility in the death of this arachnid.

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Macbeth and the Running Ghost

In the afternoon, we went over to Jan’s place, picking up Lady Macbeth on the way. The purpose of the visit was to give them money – which Mother bequeathed them…

Macbeth, Jan and Yuko

Jan gave us muffins and other goodies which we consumed enthusiastically…

Later as we walked the Earth, we saw ghosts, goblins and various monsters roaming the streets making threats against innocent families in their homes. Yuko took the picture below and added a Haiku in Japanese, which I can’t read…

Ghost (with Haiku)

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God is Not Great

About a year ago Mother bought “God is Not Great”, by Christopher Hitchens. She promised to lend it to me when she had finished reading it, but then she promptly lost it. We both searched the house for it with no success. But now, with the house almost empty, Yuko has finally found it!

This is one of two great works on Atheism published in the last few years – the other being “The God Delusion”.

Although I have not finished reading GING, it is clear that Hitchins’ methodology is quite different from Dawkins’. While Dawkins argues his case mainly through logic, and evidence from a scientific perspective, Hitchins focusses on real world examples of the harmful effects of religion. I find Hitchins’ work less interesting and harder to read.

Tara returned to Epitome recently after being away in Europe for about a year. But today she appeared out of uniform and lugging photographic equipment… which was of great interest to Yuko…

Tara is hoping to get into the photography business and has purchased her first SLR camera. Yuko and Tara compared their cameras and photographed each other…

Tara shoots Yuko

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Yuko Recognised at PMA Show

I visited Mother and showed her the rough-cut of the video of Yuko winning the photo competition. She was very excited to see it.

Yuko had heard that there was an exhibition of photographic equipment at Darling Harbour this weekend. A bit of googling confirmed that indeed the PMA Show was on.

Yuko had her eye on a particular camera – a new model from PENTAX, the K-7. She quickly located the PENTAX stand and began playing with the device…

As we were standing there, a young dude approached us and enquired whether he was in the presence of the winner of the Lane Cove Captured Photography Competition! I told him he was, and asked how he knew. He said he had also entered the competition and had been at the awards night. He was a PENTAX enthusiast and had come to drool over the same camera as Yuko. Yuko took this picture of him with the PENTAX K-7…

He then shot a High-Definition video of us – again with the K-7, and the following picture is a still from that video. Note the creepy dude in the background, who was someone important from the PENTAX retailer…

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Finding Pengilly

I went out walking in the morning. It was cold! As I was nearing home, I came upon a pile of garbage which had been put out on the nature strip for collection. I noticed a small cute dog on the ground – so I picked him up…

As I decamped with the discarded animal, a small boy in the front yard of the house called out to me and asked me where I had obtained the dog. I told him it was on the garbage and asked him if if was his. He said it was, so I gave it back to him.

But then, the boy’s father appeared, and as I was again walking away, he called me back and gave me the dog. It appeared that the father had disposed of the boy’s animal without permission, and was now overruling the boy’s wish to keep it.

I now feel a great sense of responsibility to give the dog a good home. I will call him “Pengilly” after the street where I found him. I washed Pengilly under the tap and put him outside to dry…

In the afternoon, Yuko came with me to the hospital to visit Mother.

Yuko Blogging at the Hospital

We decided to try a new restaurant – the Chinese Kitchen at Lane Cove. It is in the same location previously occupied by JFK (Japanese Food Kitchen). It was quite good, and we will probably go there again…

Chinese Kitchen

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Caminetto – and Another Hospital Debacle

The promenade is now seriously boarded up…

Yuko came to the city to meet me for lunch. We decided to try Caminetto…

It turned out to be less than adequate – mainly because the staff engaged in a series of bizarre behaviours which freaked us out. The food was adequate. However, we will never go there again.

At 3.45pm I got a call from Dr. Rib’s (not his real name) clinic. The woman said that Mother was late (her appointment was for 2.45pm) and they were unable to contact her at home! I told her that Mother was in hostpital and was supposed to have been transported to the clinic by hospital/ambulance staff. I was surprised they didn’t know this by now.

When I visited Mother in the evening. She told me that she had been waiting all afternoon to be taken to the appointment but nobody came to pick her up! Another fine debacle in hospital transport! Therefore, she had no treatment today.

As I was leaving I ran into my cousin Russell who was on his way in to visit Mother. We had a conversation by the lifts and I told him about today’s debacle.

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Mother Issues Death Threat

My iPhone is a crock! Today it got hot for no apparrent reason. I had to turn it off and on to stop the hotness, but by then it had already drained the battery…


We visited Mother and she told us that she had made a death threat against one of the hospital doctors! He had recommended a procedure be performed on her, and she told him that if it caused pain, she would kill him. Fortunately the pain was mild and Mother agreed to let the doctor live. He was very glad about that.

She is now back in her original ward where she knows all the nurses, and she’s sharing a room with three other patients. But this time they are all sane!

In the evening we went to the Red Chopstick. As we exited the restaurant I had an encounter with an attractive lady who refused to talk to me – not even “hello”…

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Yuko came to the city to meet me for lunch at Shiki – a Japanese restaurant which is located very close to my place of work. We had very nice view of the passing crowds from our table by the window. THe food was also very nice…


In the evening we visited Mother. She said her operation will be next Tuesday (two weeks after it was originally scheduled). Our visit was interrupted by a nurse who wanted to do medical procedure on Mother. Thus, I didn’t even have time to take a picture.

Later, I did some grocery shopping. As I was returning to my car, someone called out my name in the dark. I thought my time had come… and I was going to suffer retribution for some past act. However, it turned out to be a former co-worker whom I periodically run into in that very car park. I took a picture of him, but it was a bit too dark to record an accurate image.

We had a short conversation in which he spoke of his wretched life and the futility of his existence.


Blurred former co-worker

Blurred former co-worker

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