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Messing with Electricity

We went to Eastwood tonight to shop at the Korean Supermarket. Of course we also went to the Korean BBQ restaurant (Surasang) where we experienced fire and beer….

Yesterday I messed with electricity…

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Cleaning the Lizard

This is what a really clean lizard looks like…

Clean Lizard

Meanwhile, we had to go to the Korean supermarket at Eastwood to buy gyoza skins and a few other essential items…

Korean Supermarket

While at Eastwood, we noticed that the Maroo Korean BBQ restaurant is no more! It is now ‘Surasang’. Although Maroo was once one of our favourite restaurants, it had slipped in the last couple of years to the point where we decided not to go there any more. But we might try this new one some time…

Surasang - Formerly Maroo

Yuko Outside Surasang

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Desk Rotation

After using my ‘office’ for a couple of weeks, I decided to change it.

So today I rotated my desk 90 degrees in a clockwise direction (viewed from above). This gives me a lot more space and allows me to have our old dining table adjoining my desk, creating a wrap-around work space…


After rotating 90 degrees

Meanwhile, I had the need to print a document I received by email, which had to be signed and mailed back to the sender. So I tried to get our Epson printer to work. It said ‘NO’!

Why is it that a printer refuses to print a black and white document simply because it has run out of yellow ink? I had to go and buy a yellow ink cartridge before it would let me print using the black ink!

Printers suck!

Yellow ink

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Yuko Flat Out

In the morning I prepared the spot in the Japanese room for my new desk – I even vacuumed the carpet…

The dudes were supposed to deliver the furniture between 10am and 12 – and they did, arriving at about 10:45am…

I got them to put the desk in the corner, where Yuko tested it in an unconventional manner – flat out like a lizard drinking…

But later, at Yuko’s suggestion, we rotated it 180 degrees to face away from the wall. I then spent a lot of time running cables etc. By the evening, I was able to use it…

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Buying Furniture

Today I went to The Barn at Artarmon where I bought a desk similar to (but inverted and lighter in colour than) this one…

And this moderately expensive chair…

Moderately Expensive Chair

The items will be delivered in about 10 days.

Later Yuko forced me to do physical work – adjusting the level of the pond – which is currently in a state of dis-assembly. It was very arduous.

Yuko with non-level pond

In the afternoon we went to firefly where Yuko ate potato chips…

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Yuko Flies Out (again)

Yuko’s flight was at 8.50am, so we woke up very early and I drove Yuko to the airport. After she checked in we had coffee at the courtyard cafe which is near the observation deck…

Yuko went through the departure gate at about 8am…

Then I went home and decided to clean my keyboard (the music kind). I haven’t used it for a long time and it’s been uncovered. The keys had accumulated a serious layer of dust. It could not be dislodged with a simple cloth – it needed soap and water and scrubbing! But I didn’t want to risk getting water in the electronics.

I decided I would have to clean the keys upside-down so that any excess water would fall away from the electronic bits. It was a bit awkward, but the result was a clean keyboard which still works…

Upside-down Cleaning

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Up In The Roof

The office swap is turning out to be more complicated than expected. In her old office, Yuko had a TV connected to a feed from the satellite receiver in the living room. This allows her to watch Japanese TV.

Today I set about getting it working in her new office. There was already an RF cable in the room leading into the roof, but I had some difficulty finding where it led. I had to go up into the roof to figure it out.

TV Cable From Office

Once up in the roof, I could see the cable, and I discovered that it was terminating near the man-hole, and that it was connected to a second cable which headed off towards the far corner of the house. Meanwhile, another cable leading to the living room was dangling with nothing connected to it.

After a brief search through my boxes of electrical bits, I found the correct adaptor to join the two ends together. I then taped it to a diagonal beam for stability…

The result was that Yuko’s TV came to life with an excellent picture, direct from Japan…

And then Yuko wanted the shelves removed from the wardrobe in her new room, so had to do some carpentry!

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Ejecting Furniture

Today, Theresa the cleaning woman came and Yuko got her to help move furniture!

There were two big chairs in Yuko’s old office which, perhaps surprisingly, would not fit out the through the hallway. So Yuko and Theresa simply threw them out the window! The picture below shows the big fake leather sofa and fake leather rocking chair, lying upside down outside the window…

Later, I let Yuko take out the big green waste bin too…

Actually, I did help by taking out the second green bin. We now have two, as I took the one from Mother’s house before vacating the property.

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Office Swap (II)

The office swap work continued with Yuko completing the setup of her hew office. She had to move some furniture, so I took pictures of her doing it…

Yuko’s new office is now almost fully functional (below). However there are still a couple of tasks for me: I have to get Yuko’s satellite TV working in the new room, and she also wants me to do some carpentry!

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Office Swap

We have been using the two smaller bedrooms in the house as our separate offices for several years. But now we’ve decided that I will move my office to the Japanese room, which has a lot more space. So, as my current office is a bit bigger than Yuko’s I’ve agreed to giver her my old office. I will then use the smaller room – Yuko’s current office – for storage.

The first phase of the swap was completed today. I removed all my things from my office and put them temporarily in the Japanese room. This allowed Yuko to begin moving her things into the new room. The picture below shows Yuko in the near empty room which will be her new office.

Once she has moved all her things from her old office to her new office, I will be able to move my things from the Japanese room into Yuko’s old office. Only then will I be able to start setting up my office in the Japanese room.

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