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Voting at the Rock

We got up this morning at 4:45 am!

The early start had nothing to do with the fact that today is election day. Rather, it was to enable us to view sunrise at the rock. We joined another bus tour which left our hotel at 5:45am and took us to the rock. A large group of people gathered to watch the sunrise. The weather was good. However, once again I didn’t think the reality matched the hype. The rock looks only slightly better at sunrise than it does the rest of the time. Coffee and biscuits were supplied…

After viewing sunrise, we proceeded on a walking tour near the base of the rock. The bus driver led us to some interesting sites and told us about the Tjukurpa. The main thing we learned about the Tjukurpa is that we’re not allowed to know much about the Tjukurpa.

Kazuki and Yuko return from the base of Uluru

We got back to the resort at about lunchtime, so we had lunch at the Bunya Bar. We sat outside where the temperature was very pleasant and Yuko and I drank beer. Yuko and Kazuki quickly setup their own WiFi network…

After lunch I decided to participate in democracy. After enquiring at the hotel reception desk about where I could vote, I set forth into the wilderness, following a cryptic map they had given me…

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Getting Voted In (not out)

Yuko is going to Japan in about a week for a surprise purpose (which will be revealed when she returns). She had to go to the city today to pick up her JR Rail Pass for use in Japan. She therefore needed some small change to pay for parking at Lane Cove (the free parking area has too short a time limit). She offered to buy a box of coins from me for $5.00. I agreed, but I think I got ripped off!!!!

While Yuko was out I went to the telescope shop to see whether they had any dobsonian scopes I might be interested in. They had one on display (below), but I’m leaning towards the model one size up from this. I had not heard of this brand (Saxon) before, so I decided to do some googling on it before making a decision.

The Saxon 10 inch collapsible

In the evening, I went to the general meeting of the NSAS. I had been wondering if they ever received my membership application (and cheque) which I mailed two months ago. But tonight the first item on the agenda was whether to accept me as a member. A vote was called and it appeared, from a show of hands, that a majority of those present voted in favour. This is democracy in action!