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Yuko gets locked out

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Keiko in Quake

Last night we took Keiko to the airport for her flight to Tokyo. She arrive safely on Friday morning. But since the quake, we haven’t heard from her…

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Astro Debacle

The astronomy club has had a bad run of cancelled observing nights because of the weather. For this reason, and at my suggestion, we are now trialling ‘weeknight observing’. This means that we organise observing on any night of the week when the weather forecast looks good. previously we had a strict schedule of Fridays and Saturdays.

Today, I organised the first of these weeknight sessions – and it was a debacle!

The forecasts looked good at 4pm, so I sent out the notifications that observing was ON. But by the time three of us were setting up our scopes, the clouds were moving in. We were able to view a few objects through gaps in the clouds, but for most of the night we just sat around chatting.

We stayed until about 11pm. Of course the clouds began to clear just as we were leaving!

These pics were taken before it got dark…

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Kintaro – Dead!

Today I found Kintaro floating on the surface of the water dead. Yuko put him in the fridge for burial at a later date…

As usual, I went for a walk in the afternoon. I encountered this overhanging tree…

Although I’ve passed this way many times before, and I know about the tree, on this occasion I walked right into it smashing my skull against the branch.

The problem was that I was wearing a hat which obscured my view above the horizontal, so I didn’t see it. I then made the picture below to illustrate the geometry of the situation. I can use this in any legal action that may follow…

Meanwhile, Yuko has been sick. She’s been sleeping a lot, including on the sofa during the evening..

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Tyre Doctor

Today I took Belinda to the doctor to get a new tyre to replace the one that Yuko slashed a few days ago. It was very exciting indeed…

Belinda at the Tyre Doctor

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Yuko Slashes Tyre

As I was sitting at the computer in the evening, I suddenly heard a loud hissing sound coming from outside. At first I thought it was someone hosing. But when I looked outside there was nobody hosing. I then realised the sound was coming from Belinda’s rear tyre.

The air was escaping as I watched! I could also hear and see the spot it was coming from – on the side-wall of the tyre. I was even able to press my finger against the hole and stop the air from escaping.

I quickly realised that keeping my finger pressed against the hole permanently was probably not a practical solution – so I just let the air escape…

Yuko later admitted that she had hit a pointy brick (our neighbour’s step) when driving Belinda into our driveway.

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Tree Succumbs to Gravity

In the afternoon, a dude knocked on my door and asked if I owned the car which was parked outside. I didn’t, but he was asking because the road had been partially blocked by a fallen tree and the car was blocking the other side.

I went out to gawk…

Yuko was at the gym, and was due home soon. I was concerned that she would freak out it she arrived home and was blocked by a tree. I sent her an SMS to warn her.

A ranger came and blocked the road while a gardener from the college started cutting up the tree with a chain saw. Then I helped them to move the pieces onto the nature strip.

While this was happening Yuko did arrive home and her car was stopped by the ranger. She hadn’t seen my message. I jumped in the car (and Yuko jumped out) and I drove it around the block to get into our street from the other end. Meanwhile, Yuko took pictures of the tree.

Later a dude brought a four-wheel-drive and used a chain to pull the last heavy branch down from the tree.

The whole episode was very exciting indeed!

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Nautical Adventure Ends in Debacle

We sailed into Sydney Harbour early this morning…

We reached the Overseas Passenger Terminal just in time to see the Sun rising near the SOH…

But we still had time for breakfast before leaving the ship…

We had to go to the theatre to wait for our disembarkation ticket number to be called. We only had to wait about 20 minutes before our number (red 3) was called. That’s the number on our luggage tags. When they call that number it means that your luggage will be there when you get into the terminal.

So we left the ship and entered a large area in the terminal where the bags were all laid out in rows and organised according to the colours of the luggage tags. I walked along the ‘red’ row and found Yuko’s bag and my small bag. However, my large bag (pictured yesterday outside our room) was nowhere to be seen.

We waited while more bags were brought out, but they were all different colours. I looked at all those bags too, although they were not ‘red’, but still my bag was missing. I wondered if someone else had taken it by mistake!

Eventually we decided to report the bag missing and go home without it. We had to fill in a form and leave our contact details with some dude.

Then we got on the queue for taxis which was very long indeed. When we finally got into a taxi Yuko went to sleep…

When we arrived home, we found that our fish were still alive!

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Some Bastard Touched Our Garbage

Last night we put out some waste for collection by the council today. It included an old fridge which has been in the garage for several years, and an air conditioner which I got for free in 2007

When I went out this morning to check it, the fridge and the air conditioner were gone. However, the rest of the stuff was in disarray – strewn about willy nilly! Some bastard must have touched our garbage!

I therefore had to spend some time tidying the waste again!

Later at Firefly, we sat at a table where Yuko’s feet didn’t reach the floor…

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Fish Escape Death

Late last night I noticed that Kintaro and Hanako appeared to be in distress – gulping air at the surface of the water. I realised that the air pump had stopped working. So at about 2am. we had to move them into ‘hospital’ – a bucket with fresh water…

Fish Hospital

So today we went to the pet shop to get a new air pump. However, we decided to also buy a new tank. I favoured a real (rectangular) fish tank, but Yuko insisted on a bowl. So we got a bowl…

After installing the new bowl, air pump with filter, and some plants, Kintaro and Hanako were moved into their new home…

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