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Skate Board Chicken


I went to the city today, partly to investigate my commuting options for next week when I start work. While there, I came upon a strange sight. There were several dudes with large cameras pointing up a steep street where nothing appeared to be happening. At first I thought there must be some VIP or celebrity due to pass by. However it became apparent that it was actually the filming of a skateboard stunt.

I watched for a while in the hope of seeing something exciting. It appeared that a dude on a skateboard was supposed to launch himself down a set of stairs, or perhaps slide down the railing. As I watched, the dude made many approaches to the steps, but on every occasion, he stopped short. It appear he was too scared to do it. The film crew became frustrated. I eventually gave up and left so I don’t know whether they ever got the shot.

Dudes with cameras




Skateboard chicken




Jumping, but not down the steps


Later we went to Epitome and I placed my hand on Yuko’s head. When we got home, Yuko spent some time blatantly spying on the neighbours with her camera…

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Today we had an unannounced practice evacuation. It was very exciting indeed.
Of course, in the event of a real fire, the lifts would be unavailable, so we had to walk down 28 flights of stairs. Then we assembled in the park to consider our lucky escape from the burning building…

Walking down

The assembly point for level 25

While in the park, I juggled, but unfortunately received no donations. I assume this is because I didn’t have a hat for people to drop money in.

Juggling while the building burns

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PLD Fails to Cause Death

Today was PLD (Pub Lunch Day) – a tradition practised by my co-workers, and now by me too. We went to the pub across the road, because it’s across the road. One of my co-workers found a piece of a chipped plate in his food. Had he injested it, it might have caused him severe injury or death… so I took a picture…

Worker after finding chip

Worker after finding chip

The chip

The chip

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