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Losing a Camera

We went to Epitome in the morning and played with our computers…

In the evening, Yuko went to a party. It was some kind of anniversary celebration for the kindergarten where Yuko used to work. It was held at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in the city.

When she was ready to come home, she called me and I drove over to pick her up. It was around this time that the debacle began to unfold…

Four Points Hotel

Yuko was waiting out the front of the hotel when I arrived. She jumped in the car and we headed home. When we stopped outside our house, Yuko uttered the dreaded words: “Where’s my camera?”

It quickly became apparent that she had left it somewhere at the hotel!

She called the hotel and after negotiating the usual automated menu system, got through to the dude who deals with lost property – Eric. He said that no camera had been handed in, but said he would ask the staff to look for it in the area where Yuko thought she had left it – on a chair in the foyer.

After a few minutes, he called back to say they had found it! It was still on the chair where Yuko had left it – at least 40 minutes earlier!

So we jumped in the car and drove back to the hotel. I waited in the car while Yuko when inside. She emerged holding the camera. She was very happy indeed…

Yuko emerges with the errant camera

For helping her to negotiate this debacle, I told Yuko that she has to be nice to me for one week. However, instead she gave me ten ‘points’ which entitle me to ten points worth of niceness over the coming days.


3D Ladders

At Epitome today, I wore 3D glasses.

This created the illusion that whichever direction I looked, Harley Davidson was always standing on a ladder…

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Working on Sunday

Yes, sad but true – today I had to work again – although not all day. In total I ended up working 12 hours over the weekend. The headline on today’s paper seemed appropriate. I will have some time off in the coming week to make up for it. Interestingly, at home I get to work in a better technologically equipped office than I do at work…

Working at home

Back in April we made a visit to Kitchen Kapers where we bought a set of cafe table correction devices. Today I used one of them at Epitome, as the table needed correcting. It was very exciting…

Cafe table correction device in action

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Jesus Lanyard Shock

We went to Epitome as usual this morning at sat out on the balcony. But as were were preparing to leave, I was surprised to see Mother’s friend Jan who told me that Mother was in the cafe! We went downstairs and said hello…

Yuko and Mother at Epitome

In the afternoon I went to Mother’s house to get her microwave. I was going to take it over to Mother’s new place so that she can heat things. I retrieved it and cleaned it a bit. But when I spoke to Mother on the phone she told me not to bring it. The reason – she had had an ‘altercation’ with the staff, and wanted to keep a low profile for a while.

Microwave ready to move

When I went over, she told me the details of the ‘altercation’ (which I won’t repeat here).

Then, Mother told me that she had been shocked to learn that her room key lanyard has “Jesus Loves You” printed on it! How much can an atheist bear????

The Jesus Lanyard

Meanwhile, Yuko took on a strange appearance…

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Kitchen Kapers


We were so excited by the new teapots at Epitome, that we asked Harley Davidson where he got them. He said they were given to him by the tea supplier. However, he said we could buy them at a shop called Kitchen Kapers at Crows Nest. So today we went to Kitchen Kapers. It was truly a wonderland of kitchen equipment.

Kitchen Kapers

We found the teapots without difficulty. They were $43 each, which was a tad more expensive than I expected, so we only bought four – two black and two white.

Four Teapots

As we were paying for the teapots, another item caught my eye. At only $12.95 for a ring of six, we decided it was a bargain. So we bought this…

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Teapot Upgrade

Epitome has new teapots! This is a very exciting development indeed and will have a substantial impact on the cafe culture in Lane Cove.

Yuko has been lamenting the deficiencies of the teapots at Epitome for a long time. The new teapot is a much better design. It pours without spillage, has a built-in removable filter, and the lid, although hinged, can be removed completely to allow the pot to be put in a microwave.

It was another very exciting moment indeed…

And here is how we used to pour tea a year ago…

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Skate Board Chicken


I went to the city today, partly to investigate my commuting options for next week when I start work. While there, I came upon a strange sight. There were several dudes with large cameras pointing up a steep street where nothing appeared to be happening. At first I thought there must be some VIP or celebrity due to pass by. However it became apparent that it was actually the filming of a skateboard stunt.

I watched for a while in the hope of seeing something exciting. It appeared that a dude on a skateboard was supposed to launch himself down a set of stairs, or perhaps slide down the railing. As I watched, the dude made many approaches to the steps, but on every occasion, he stopped short. It appear he was too scared to do it. The film crew became frustrated. I eventually gave up and left so I don’t know whether they ever got the shot.

Dudes with cameras




Skateboard chicken




Jumping, but not down the steps


Later we went to Epitome and I placed my hand on Yuko’s head. When we got home, Yuko spent some time blatantly spying on the neighbours with her camera…

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The Reader and the Caller

The Caller


Mother asked me to take her to see the movie ‘The Reader‘. We went to the Orpheum at Cremorne. The movie was adequate.

It’s the story of an anti-semitic Nazi tram-conducting pedophile who develops an addiction to cassette tapes. Then, when someone offers her a job, she declines emphatically.


When we came out of the movie, there was a message on my phone asking me to make contact regarding my recent job application. On making contact, the caller informed me that I had been successful and that my unemployed hobo status will soon end.

We then went to Epitome for coffee and Yuko came to join us and make merry. After coffee, we proceeded to The Red Chopstick for further celebration and merriment.

Yuko arrives at Epitome


Making merry at The Red Chopstick

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Access Denied


The free wi-fi at Lane Cove is working again after Harley Davidson spoke to them about the recent problems. We were both merrily Internetting, when I encountered this screen, telling my that I was not allowed to access my own site…





I was blocked from accessing the comment moderation section of this very blog! I assume this is because most of the comments promote the viewing of lewd acts.

Perhaps this is part of the government’s Internet filtering trial, but I was shocked and appalled and by this unwarranted censorship.

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The Anniversary

It is one year since The Wedding – so that makes today the Anniversary (and my birthday too)! I took the day off work so that we might celebrate and be merry!

I got a birthday present

Yuko got an anniversary card

In the evening we went to Epitome with Mother and we ate cow and chicken. Harley Davidson gave us a gift of a bottle of wine! This compensates somewhat for the bottle that I smashed recently.

Yuko at Epitome

Mother at Epitome

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