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Rain Flavoured Coffee

In the morning, it was raining…


And although I was sipping my coffee in a sheltered spot, there were drops falling on one section of my cafe table (below). I put my coffee away from where the drops were falling, but this was not enough to avoid a minor debacle. A big droplet fell right in my coffee! The roof above me where the drop had originated looked extremely filthy and rife with deadly microbes, so I asked for a replacement coffee.

Drops on my table

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Coffee Debacle

Epitome is usually open on public holidays, except the religious ones like Christmas. So I had no reason to think that it would be closed on new year’s day. But it was! In fact nearly everything was closed except one tiny coffee shop which was selling takeaway coffee. There was a long queue of people waiting for coffee, but we decided to buy takeaway…

Waiting for takeaway coffee

Fortunately, although all the other cafes were closed, the new cafe – Firefly – has some outdoor bench seating which is there even when it’s closed. So we sat there…

Breakfast at (closed) Firefly

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Coffee and Egg

Today I drank coffee (above) and saw an egg (below)…


Fortunately I missed the bird.

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At Mother’s new residence, there is a washing service. However, to use it your clothes have to be labelled. As luck would have it, Mother happened to have a set of iron-on labels with her name on them. I don’t know where she got them, but now is the time when they have come in handy…

Yesteday Mother gave me some of her clothes which I washed. Then this afternoon when they were dry, I ironed labels on them. The labels appear to be made of some kind of plastic, and I’m not convinced that they will remain in place through a wash cycle. Perhaps I should have done the wash after applying the labels to test this – but I didn’t.

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The Inspection

A social worker at the hospital has located a pending vacancy at an aged care hostel in the Lane Cove area. If it seems nice Mother is hoping to move there. So this afternoon after work, I drove over to check it out. I was given a tour of the facility. It is similar to a motel, with individual gest rooms and a common dining room and other recreational areas. 

I saw the room Mother would have. It has an ensuite bathroom, a small kitchenette and even a balcony. However I don’t think the balcony is suited to large parties or barbecues. The picture below is not the balcony but a shared courtyard… 

These pictures are captured from a series of video clips which I shot as I took the tour. Later Yuko and I visited Mother and I showed her the videos on my laptop. We all agreed that it looked nice, and Mother decided to take it.

If we can arrange the mountain of paperwork in time, Mother can move on Friday!

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Egges and Chees


Here are the Egges…


And here are the Chees…

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The History of England

The Jug…



Yuko came with me to visit Mother tonight. Mother has a collection of books and Yuko began reading ‘The History of England’. It was a very short book…


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Cash and Puppetry

In the morning before work, I stopped at Mother’s house where I placed $100 in Australian currency on the outside steps. Of cource, I carefully concealed it under a pair of scissors. When I returned in the evening, the money was gone!

As the winter solstice approaches, the sun is lower and lower each moning. Soon it will dip below the sails of the SOH…


In the evening, Mother gave a demonstation of string puppetry…

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Evacuation and Hairdressing

Today at work we had an emergency evacuation alarm. We evacuated and stood in the street. The fire brigade came… but it was a false alarm. Despite this, it was very exciting indeed…


Meanwhile, Mother was having an adventure. There is a hairdresser inside the hospital (on the ground floor) and Mother had an appointment today. She was taken down in a wheelchair by one of the nurses. When it was time to go back, the hairdress called the ward to ask for someone to come down and take Mother back. The hairdresser then put Mother outside, closed the shop and went home.

Mother waited, and waited and waited… but nobody came. So she was forced to ask a passing man, who looked like he might be a member of staff. He called the ward and then waited with Mother until someone eventually turned up to take Mother back.

Despite this debacle, Mother was happy with her hair…


In the evening, I called Vito (Mother’s gardener) to ask him to come and cut Mother’s grass, which has been growing in her absence.

I was surprised that I was able to comunicate my intentions to him as he doesn’t really speak English! He did say “yeah” and “ok” which I thought was a good sign. I think he will come on Thursday and I will have to put some money in a secret place for him before then.

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Scotch Finger Delivery


Yuko wants to wear fur… although I always tell her that she will become a target for animal rights advocates who will hurl abuse (and possibly objects) at her. Today she saw a fur garment in a shop window, strangely on an otherwise naked dummy…

When we arrived home from breakfast, Mother had left a message on our machine asking for scotch fingers. So before going to the hospital I stopped to buy a packet. Mother received them with glee, and suggested that I go and buy takeaway coffee for both of us.


I went down to the ground floor (which is level 3) and found a Gloria Jean’s coffee shop. I purchased two regular sized cappuccinos and proceeded back to Mother’s ward. The problem was that the cups don’t stack very well. At first it looks like they do, but the top one wobbles a lot. So every time I had to use one hand for something else (like pressing the lift button, opening the ward door), the top cup was in danger of toppling.

The closest I came to disaster was at the ward door. They keep it locked to stop the elderly patients from escaping (they spin it as “For Patient Safety”). As you approach the door from the outside, it unlocks automatically, and then you have to use moderate force to pull it open. As I held two stacked cups of coffee in one hand and tugged forcefully on the door handle with the other hand, the top coffee cup wobbled precariously back and forth. However, disaster was averted and I reached Mother’s room with both cups intact.

When I mentioned to Mother that the coffee was from Gloria Jean’s, Mother told me that Gloria Jean was a film actress, and not just a chain of coffee shops! I googled her and found out that she’s now 83 years old and seems to have no connection to the coffee chain.

We then ate Scotch Fingers and drank coffee.

Mother’s surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, so she has to go ‘Nil by mouth’ all day tomorrow.

In the evening, Yuko and I went to Delhi Hutt. On the way we saw an advertisement for a local photography competition. I will encourage Yuko to enter.

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