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Finding a Dead Body

I went walking today along the bush track that leads to River Road…

As I wandered through the bush, I discovered a dead body covered with a black plastic sheet and crudely camouflaged with some sticks…

Dead Body Concealed by Plastic and Branches

Probably just a paid hit.

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Sugar Heist Caught on Video

While having lunch at a local cafe, I witnessed a blatant robbery. The video tells the story…


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‘Old’ York’s Dog Murderer Remembered


Last Wednesday I took Belinda to see Bernie the bug doctor. Today it was Mitsy’s turn. Although Bernie is a bug doctor, he claimed he could do Mitsy too, so I booked Mitsy for a service and a registration inspection.

Once again, I got up at 5.15am for an early drop-off at the doctor’s office. I parked in the ‘No Parking’ zone, and dropped Mitsy’s key in the green-lidded letterbox. Due to diurnal motions and atmospheric conditions, it was noticeably darker than last week…


Mitsy outside the Doctor

Mitsy outside the Doctor's Office at 6am



As I walked back home, it was interesting to see the landmarks of Lane Cove in the early morning light. I am not usually out at this time. Here is ‘New’ York’s Corner. The owner (at the time) of this shop killed my dog in 1979…


New Yorks in the early morning

'New' York's in the early morning


Surprisingly, Mitsy passed the registration inspection!

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Security Hole

When I got up this morning, I was surprised to see that the front door was open…

Security hole

Security hole

Apparently, late last night, Yuko went outside to bring the car into the garage. Then she re-entered the house throught the garage, forgetting that the front door was still open. However it looks like we were not robbed.

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