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Roof Maintenance II

Afew weeks ago we paid a deposit on a product to keep the leaves out of our gutters (see Roof Maintenance). Today, the dude came to perform the work. I had to stay home to pay him while Yuko went out. He took about 5 hours to complete the job. It involves covering the gutter and the first tile, as well as the gullies with a mesh. He had to drop pinky onto the ground temporarily to get access to the gutters.

Pinky droops to the ground

The mesh - coloured to match the gutter

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Mother Threatened by Doctor

My usual morning walking route at the Quay was blocked this morning by barriers. It looked like workers were preparing to do something…

Meanwhile, the SHB was misty and the gulls were active…

In the afternoon, I spoke to Mother on the phone and I was shocked to learn that she had had treatment today – the treatment she had told me she would refuse.

She later told me that her doctor had threatened her by saying that if she didn’t have the treatment she would be sent back to the hostel immediately. This scared her because she is not able to cope there in her current condition. She therefore agreed to the treament.

And again, the whole process was a series of debacles which left Mother exhausted and still gasping for breath when I visited in the evening. She told me how the transport to the clinic involved a long wait for an ambulance during which she was left alone in a wheelchair for an extended period. She got into some difficulty and required assistance, but was unable to attract anyone’s attention for some time. The wait for the ambulance took so long that one of the staff eventually decided to take her by wheelchair (which only took a few minutes). This was against the rules, but Mother was grateful because it saved her from the long wait.

She had to endure all this because she was forced to have the treatment against her will! I am disgusted and appalled by the disgraceful behaviour of that doctor.

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Stairway Construction

The construction of the new stairway, which will give me access to the coffee shop, is coming along nicely. However, I wonder why they didn’t build the new stairway before demolishing the old one.

After work I combed Yuko’s hair in public…

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Yuko Sick


The recent demolition of the stairway leading to my favouite coffee shop was only the beginning. Now they are constructing what appears to be a new floor. In the picture below, men are dragging a big sheet of reinforcement mesh from the ground onto the new floor. It resulted in a deafening noise and greatly reduced the adequateness of my coffee buying experience.

Yuko has caught my swine-flu-lik visus! She said it’s alright because we have to share everything! When I met her after work at Aristocrat she said that my face was big and round, and she indicated how it looked…

Yuko demonstrates how my face looks


A Social worker was supposed to come and see Mother today to discuss her options after leaving hospital. However, the woman didn’t turn up. Mother made enquiries and was told that she was sick.

Meanwhile, the doctor is still very vague about when Mother might leave hospital.

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Tasting Forbidden Fruit



It was time for another lunch with my co-workers. This time we went to the BBC (Belgian Beer Cafe)…

The B.B.C.

The number of beers on offer was remarkable. I chose to taste the forbidden fruit…


And it was good…

Tasting Forbidden Fruit

Tasting Forbidden Fruit

Meanwhile… there was a demolition project in progress at the coffee shop where I usually buy my lunchtime coffee. A set of stairs which had been very useful for accessing the coffee shop, was being removed. A temporary white wall had been errected around the site…


Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop



Below can be seen the remains of the stairway (top and bottom ends circled). Now I will have to take the lift instead!

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Toys and Prawns


When I met Yuko after work at Aristocrat, she had just been to the toy shop. She reported that it had been burnt out by fire! Perhaps it was fire-bombed by a disgruntled toddler! So Yuko went to the book shop instead, which also sells toys. She purchased a motorised construction kit…



Then we went to the Red Chopstick to buy takeaway food which we took to Mother’s house for an ‘at-home’ Vietnamese eating experience.

Vietnamese Food

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English Lessons

The Tambourine Bay boat-shed appears to be complete. It replaces the old one which was burned to the ground in 2006


Whenever I see an advertisement for English lessons, I check it for grammar, spelling and punctuation in the hope that I can ridicule it. This one, which I saw on the board at Lane Cove, did not disappoint…

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The Spruce-up

Riverview has had a spruce-up – making it even more dandy.

The school for tiny people, which has been an ugly  construction site for several months, has opened! It’s called ‘Mirrabrook’. I even saw a couple of kids in there. However it doesn’t look like it’s overcrowded.


Meanwhile, elswhere in Riverview, workers have been doing stuff… they have built a new bridge across a 5cm dip in the bush track, and they’ve painted the gazebo – I assume to give the graffiti artists some fresh space to draw…

New Bridge




Then, we went to Maroo…




The main reason we go to Maroo is so that Yuko can shop at the nearby Korean supermarket…


Yuko with Korean groceries

Yuko with Korean groceries

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Surfing at the Hutt

This is what an unemployed hobo typically has for breakfast…


At Lane Cove we saw a new structure in the carpark. It turned out to be an incomplete shopping trolley return thingy. We were very excited because this might be the first trolley return thingy in Lane Cove. Then, I ate a cookie…




Trolley return thingy






We then went to Deli Hutt. We sat outside again and, surprisingly, Yuko was able to connect to the MyKP wireless network. They must have increased the signal strength. She then did some web-surfing while we waited for our curry…

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New (formerly old) Table


A few days ago, while re-organising my office, I decided to discard an old white table to make way for my music keyboard. I removed its legs and put it outside, ready to be thrown out with the next council garbage collection.

But tonight, I was surprised to see the discarded table-top back in the house! Yuko had recovered it and wanted to use it (without the legs) in her office…


White table-top

The intended location


Yuko’s idea was to rest the table-top between two existing desks, creating a huge work area to house her massive amounts of computing equipment. Her measurements relating to whether the table would fit, were slightly in error, and it took a few iterations and adjustments to get the table into its final location – but we succeeded.










Final configuration


For helping with this task, Yuko gave me one dollar for my labour, and one dollar for the table itself. I will use this money to stimulate the economy.

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