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Plaza Construction

The plaza at Lane Cove has been fenced off for construction work for the past couple of weeks. Today we had a good look at the work from the balcony at Epitome…

It was very exciting indeed…

Meanwhile, the renovations of Mother’s house are coming along nicely. It looks like a new house!

Mother's House

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Deck Demolition

This is our back deck as it looked two days ago…

Before - note broken tiles

This deck, which we had build in 1996, and tiled a few years after that, has been a bit of a failure. The tiles simply break when you walk on them! I think the timber decking was not suitable for tiling as it was too flexible.

So today we had the whole thing removed to reveal the paving stones underneath. Now it looks like this…


The job was done by Joe the Water Man, and his boy. We also had the fake rock pond removed as we are too lazy to look after it anymore. Below is the resulting garbage pile…


Joe will come again on Saturday to exercise his primary skill as a water man by cleaning the outside of our filthy house.

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Curly Thing

I went out walking in the morning and found this curly thing on the ground…

Curly Thing

Curly Thing

Meanwhile, at TamBayRes, the council has embarked on refurbishment work along the creek…


They are even replacing the bridge! It is very exciting indeed.

Note: This is not the bridge of death

New Bridge

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The Leak

Late last night, I happened to go into the garage, and I noticed that the roof was leaking. Careful inspection also revealed a row of droplets over near the outside wall and the ceiling looked like it was sagging slightly. I concluded that there was probably a large pool of water in the ceiling.

I climbed the ladder and stabbed a hole in the ceiling with a pair of scissors – and lo! A torrent issued forth!


This morning I stuck my head up into the roof cavity for a look. Sure enough, there was a big wet area (below). I could also see that one roof tile was letting in a lot more daylight than the rest, although I could not see any damage from my vantage point.

Wetness in the Roof

I put the ladder against the side of the house and went up to inspect the roof…

I discovered the problem – one tile was cracked and slightly displaced. There was also minor damage to two neighbouring tiles.

Cracked Tile

It’s not clear what caused this, but there is a big eucalyptus tree which overhangs our roof from the neighbour’s yard and I found one small but solid piece of branch close to the damaged tile.

The suspect branch

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Lane Cove Invaded by Lizards (and Firefly)

Today’s coffee picture was taken at the Gold Coast airport, where my flight made a stop on the way back to Sydney. I had to go through another security check at the Gold Coast to enter the transit lounge. After passing through the usual screening, I was called aside by a dude in uniform. He told me I had been randomly selected for additional screening. He asked me to sign a form consenting to him touching me intimately! Fortunately I was carrying no weapons or explosives, so I was allowed to continue into the transit lounge. Then… another short flight and I was back in Sydney…


When I arrived home, I approached the house, only to be confronted by two (2) giant reptiles who had apparently invaded our front garden. I whipped out my camera and shot some video. The picture below is a captured frame from that video…

Meanwhile, the long awaited Woolworths development at Lane Cove has finally opened after years of disputes and acrimony between council members. It’s a wonderland of shops and escalators, including a new cafe directly opposite Epitome!

New Cafe

Woolworths itself is actually underground. It seems they have excavated a huge cavity which is partly under the plaza and have stuck a supermarket in it!

The Library has also been extended, but it will not open until February…

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Holiday Begins

It’s the first day of my two-week holiday!

I have to prepare for my trip, but in the morning I went to Epitome and watched men carrying huge sheets of glass into Market Square. It was very exciting indeed…

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The house advertisement is now on the web – but not yet in print…

The actual ad is here.

Meanwhile, the ‘Woolworths’ development at Lane Cove is due to open on November 26 – it actually looks a long way from being ready. At least the sign has been erected out the front. I didn’t even know it was going to be caled ‘Market Square’…

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Woolworths Exposed

After years of heated debate and wrangling between council and residents, the new Woolworths development at Lane Cove is allegedly nearing completion. It has been boarded up until today, when it became exposed as shown in the picture. It doesn’t really look close to being ready for the proposed December opening…

Yuko has recently taken a liking to the pumpkin restauant La Zucca (formerly ‘Yellow’). We went there for dinner tonight and ate pasta…

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Public Works II

The promenade at Circular Quay is now open again and i was able to inspect it carefully to see what they’ve been doing behind the opaque barriers for the last several weeks…

Sure enough, I found a row of bricks that looks new! other than that, there’s no change…

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Public Works

As I mentioned some time ago, a big section of the promenade at Circular Quay has been boarded up for several weeks for ‘improvements’. Today the boards were gone, although it hasn’t been re-opened to the public yet. A casual inspection from a distance shows that it looks the same as before!

Another great achievement for Nathan Rees and his Government…

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