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Conflict and Contradiction

Firefly has a new floor, which is very exciting…

Meanwhile, two bottles in our fridge were side by side. One froze and the ice broke the top off the bottle, while the other remained liquid!

And last night, another conflict on the door of Epitome…

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Beating the Boy

Last night Kazuki discovered my ChesSOS web site and promptly signed up and challenged me to a game. The result is in the following video…

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The Battle of Okinawa

At about 3am, I was woken by a noise and looked about the room to see what was happening. This is what I saw…

Today we used the regular bus (rather than an organised bus tour bus) to travel to various exciting destinations. At one point we had to change busses at a remote location. Below (right) is the bus terminal where we found ourselves lost and stranded without a suitable bus. Yuko had to ask for directions at the terminal, which was most primitive building I’ve seen in some time (in any country)…

We visited a memorial and museum which tells the history of The Battle of Okinawa. It was sad and disturbing to learn fate of the civilians, and particularly the school children who were involved.

Next, we went to a place where there is a cave – the kind with stalactites etc. After taking the cave tour, we were forced to walk through and past a large number of souvenir shops in the hope we would buy something. We then attended a live show where some dudes danced and beat drums. It was very exciting indeed…

As we have seen at many places in Japan, there was free alcohol provided for the purpose of ridding our filthy hands of swine flu…

Free Alcohol

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Garbage Rage

Since Mother’s back yard has been cleared of excess vegetation, and the side fence has been removed, we’ve had a couple of incidents where rubbish has been dumped into the yard. I assume this was done from the driveway which runs along the side of the property and leads to the house behind. We have had to pay Sam (the magnificent gardener) to haul it away on each occasion.

Yuko decided to address the problem by placing a sign saying “Don’t Throw Away Rubbish” in a place where the rubbish throwers would see it – on the ground where the last lot of rubbish was dumped. She used the back of a “Parking” sign which she happened to have lying around.

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the sign in its original form and now it’s too late, for the reasons I will now reveal.

Today, I was visiting Mother’s house alone, so Yuko told me to have a look at the sign she had placed in the far corner of the back yard. So I walked up there and this is what I saw…

The sign had been turned face down of the ground and rocks placed on top of it. So I removed the rocks and turned it over. In one corner, and written upside down was the following message from a disgruntled neighbour…

…and the angry rant continued around two edges of the sign. I turned it back over and left it face down as I had found it.

I assume this message was written by the people who live directly behind Mother’s house. I was puzzled as to why they would assume the message was directed at them, rather than at whoever has been dumping the rubbish.

When I got home I asked Yuko to explain exactly where she had placed the sign and how it was oriented. She said that it had been on the ground, but facing the back fence. Ie: facing the property of those neighbours. Maybe that explains why they thought it was directed at them. Yuko denies that it was, but I think it may have been unwise to orient the sign in the manner she did.

When Yuko went back the next day, the sign had disappeared. Perhaps they had second thoughts about hurling abuse at us on the basis of dubious evidence, and stole it so that we wouldn’t have a chance to read the abusive message.

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Jesus Lanyard Shock

We went to Epitome as usual this morning at sat out on the balcony. But as were were preparing to leave, I was surprised to see Mother’s friend Jan who told me that Mother was in the cafe! We went downstairs and said hello…

Yuko and Mother at Epitome

In the afternoon I went to Mother’s house to get her microwave. I was going to take it over to Mother’s new place so that she can heat things. I retrieved it and cleaned it a bit. But when I spoke to Mother on the phone she told me not to bring it. The reason – she had had an ‘altercation’ with the staff, and wanted to keep a low profile for a while.

Microwave ready to move

When I went over, she told me the details of the ‘altercation’ (which I won’t repeat here).

Then, Mother told me that she had been shocked to learn that her room key lanyard has “Jesus Loves You” printed on it! How much can an atheist bear????

The Jesus Lanyard

Meanwhile, Yuko took on a strange appearance…

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