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Mac Goes Loopy

Today was one of those rare times when I had to re-start my Mac – and after restarting, it freaked out…

In fact it was set to 2001! That’s spooky.

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Returning from the Wilderness

In the morning we continued working for about three hours before starting our trip back to civilisation.

We had to pass through a number of gates, which my companion opened and closed – as one does in the wilderness…

Opening a Gate

We again stopped at Foxwood Farm for lunch. I ate toast again, but I also tried my companion’s wedge…

Eating a Wedge

My conclusion is that the food at Foxwood Farm is better than anything in Lane Cove. However, it’s a bit far to travel there every day.


Programming In the Wilderness

Today I headed west – with my male companion – for a weekend of programming in the wilderness.

We stopped for breakfast/lunch at Foxwood Farm where I ate toast…

We then battled our way through a heard of cows…

… unitl we finally reached our destination – my companion’s country headquarters…

The Office

Power Generation Facility

We set up our computers and got to work on solar power…

Work Area

We worked a marathon session stretching late into the night.


Getting Air

Today Yuko’s Macbook Air finally arrived after some debacles with the delivery process.

Apparently it’s been sitting  in the warehouse in Sydney for nearly two weeks because TNT thought our address was invalid! Actually it’s valid, but we had to call them and tell them before they would even attempt delivery.

Part of the ‘Air’ is Yuko’s Christmas present from me – I paid for the extras. Yuko was very happy indeed…

Of course, she took her new toy to the cafe…

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Buying Food and Storage

Today we went to the Korean supermarket at Eastwood to stock up on food in an effort to keep up with the consumption of the boy. In particular, we wanted to buy the ingredients to make gyoza…

Korean Shop

On the way back, we stopped at Harris Technology to buy 500GB of storage for Kazuki. He’s been taking photos and video and needs the extra storage…

Yuko hands Kazuki 500GB

In the evening, we got Kazuki to earn his dinner – by cooking it…

Kazuki cooks gyoza

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Firefly Data Centre

Today I saw a kookaburra…

In the afternoon, we set up a data centre at Firefly. It was very embarrassing to have everyone staring at us as if we were doing something strange…

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The Perils of Working at Home

So I’m sitting in my new ‘office’ trying to get some work done, and I keep getting ‘support calls’ from a Japanese woman who asks me to help with her IT problems. She even brings her Mac into the office and hassles me in person…

She also offers me bribes in the form of tea and chocolate bilbies…

Note Bilby and Tea at right

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Internet Unbroken

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, our Internet connectivity has been severely limited as a result of our router croaking. We have been surviving by using my Mac as a wireless router in the evening, and Yuko has been using iPhone tethering during the day when I’m at work.

So today, I went to a shop to buy a replacement router. I don’t know anything about networking, so I asked some random dude at work what I should buy and he said “Cisco!”

I purchased a medium priced device for $324 and brought it home. Amazingly, I got it working with no difficulty! Yuko was very happy to have civilisation restored.

Cisco Router (with Christmas ornament and dinosaurs)

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Internet Broken

Yuko came to the city to meet me after work and we went to Hoya in York Street. She mentioned that she’d had a problem connecting to the Internet at home.

As it happened, today was one ot the rare days when I needed to do some work in the evening, due to an urgent requirement from a client, so when I got home, I needed to use the Internet seriously – but alas it was broken!

I soon determined that our wireless router was the problem – I could connect to the network, but not to the Internet. However, by connecting a cable directly from the modem to my Mac, I was able to get online.

I had brought my Toshiba work laptop home, so I then plugged the cable into that, so that I could VPN into the company network. But alas, I could not obtain Internet on the Toshiba laptop – nothing!

Next I tried my Dell Windows machine, but again, nothing! The Dell also has build-in wireless braodband with Vodafone, so I was able to get online with that – but it was flakey and dropped out too frequently to use the VPN.

Another option was to use my iPhone connection via bluetooth, but the bad mobile reception in our area thwarted this as well.

But the Mac is an amazing machine. A couple of minutes messing around in the settings, and I was able to turn my Mac into a wifi access point! I was therefore able to share its Internet connection wirelessly. Yuko was able to connect to the new network from her Mac with no difficulty. But alas, the two Windows machines could not even see the Mac’s wifi network.

I could not use the Mac for my work because it doesn’t have the VPN software/config etc.

So that was it – three computers, and three ISPs, and the Mac was the only machine that I could get online.

Thus my evening work plan was thwarted. This means I will have to go to the office early tomorrow to get the work done before 9am!

Dell, Toshiba, Mac - Only one works

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The Apple Man

While sitting in the outside section at Firefly, we were approached by the man I have previously referred as ‘The Man in Yellow‘. We had a conversation with him, and he noticed we were using Macs. He said he knew a local dude who does tech support for the Macintosh. Later as we walked to the carpark, we encountered him again and he gave us the dude’s card. As he did so, he indicated the dude’s physical stature…

Man in Yellow Describes the Apple Man's Stature

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