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The Non-Red Day

Today it was not red. I took a picture to compare a red day with a non-red day…

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The Red Day

When I looked outside this morning, it was red…

Our street was red too…

On the freeway, it was red…

The Harbour Bridge was red…

And the Opera House, although difficult to see, was also red…

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Team Lunch

Today it was time for our monthly ‘team lunch’. It was a tad cold outside so it was good weather for the brisk walk to the venue…

Brisk walk to free lunch

The venue was Nick’s at King Street Wharf. The place was deserted when we arrived…

The food was adequate – but of course you can’t beat a free lunch!

Then we walked back…

After work I met Yuko at Aristocrat. They have a new video projector which was displaying a huge image of sport on the wall. Later, when we arrived home Yuko did some gardening despite the fact that it was very cold indeed…

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Oval Closed

The oval was closed today. I assume this is due to climate change…

Meanwhile, the salt grinder we bought a couple of weeks ago has had some problems. I was sure that the woman who sold it to us told us not to put rock salt in it – only sea salt. So I put sea salt in it and it didn’t work! Then, to get the sea salt out of it, I washed it. However, it turned out that getting a salt grinder dry is not a simple matter. I think it has nooks where water takes refuge. So when I put rock salt in it, it came out moist and mushy.

I washed it again and then I found Yuko holding it over the gas flame of the stove to try to dry it. I sensed that this method of drying was likely to end in disaster (the grinder is plastic), so we decided to dry it in the sun instead. I placed it on my car in the sun with a pebble carefully placed to stop it rolling off…

Drying the Salt Grinder

In the afternoon we went to visit Mother. Yuko got to see Mother’s new place for the first time and she was impressed.

Mother told us that she was caught in a fashion dilemma. She only had slippers to wear on her feet while everyone else was wearing real shoes to the dining room! So she asked us to take her home to get some shoes. So we did…

Going to get shoes

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A couple of weeks ago we received this pamphlet in our letterbox. It informed us that Willoughby Council is conducting a collection of ‘e-waste’. We simply have to take our old electronic items to the collection point on April 18th (today)…


So today I loaded up the car with:

  • One computer
  • One CRT monitor
  • Six VCRs (4 of them belonged to Mother)
  • One Cassette radio (Mother’s)
  • Two inkjet printers
  • Two keyboards
  • A green shopping bag full of old cables

The full load

I drove to the collection point at Willoughby where a bunch of dudes unloaded all the stuff and put it in wheel-barrows. They then threw it into a big shipping container. I guess they will put it on a ship and send it out to be dumped in the ocean!

Approaching the collection point

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Earth Hour at the Arse End of the World

Darkness fell upon the city tonight for Earth Hour. Unlike the last two years, we decided to be lazy bastards and not travel to a distant vantage point to witness the darkness. Instead we just went next-door to the college where we usually watch the new year fireworks. The view of the city was limited, but we did notice some dimming.

We found a spot on the grass right beside one of the college buildings. It was apparently one of the dorms because we could hear the boys inside engaging in raucus behaviour the whole time we were there. At one point a group of boys emerged onto a nearby balcony and waved sparklers while shouting loud taunts at the younger boys, accusing them of engaging in a variety of depraved practices and lewd acts. They also had a red laser pointer which they shone on us from time to time.

Of course Yuko took pictures with one of her many huge cameras.


We ate a rice ball each and drank beer (which was probably in violation of the school rules).


Here is the comparison between Earth Hour and non-Earth Hour…

During the darkness we also took a few pictures of the sky. Here is a picture of the Southern Cross taken with Yuko’s camera…

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Jobs With Cats


The Tambourine Bay Sea Scouts appear to be going green. They’ve insalled a rainwater tank…


Although I’m no longer in the job market, I’m still keeping an eye on what’s available. It appears the market in feline care is picking up…


Meanwhile, Yuko continued taking pictures…

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Meeting Dudes


Today I travelled to Macquarie Centre to meet two former work colleagues for lunch. I had asked one of them to bring some women with him but he was unable to find any, so it was just three of us.

We discussed the global financial crisis, climate change, my unemployed hobo status and which companies we should despise, and which we should suck up to.



A dude



Another dude


After lunch with the dudes, I met Yuko at Lane Cove and she once again kicked Belinda in the nose…


I then photogaphed these pots which Yuko had placed on our nature strip in the the hope that someone would steal them. I will photograph them again in a couple of days to see whether any have been taken.

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A (not the) Hot Day

Today was a hot day…

I heard a report that it was the hottest day since The Hot Day. I remained slothful and in active for most of the day, lying on the bed and spraying myself with water.

Fortunately a cool change arrived at about 6pm, just in time for my trip with Mother to the Red Chopstick.

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Dropping Sea Levels

I went down to TamBay early in the morning to make some detailed measurements of the sea level. The results show that sea levels have dropped again. It looks like it will take a while until our house is a waterfront property.


Last Week

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