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Beating the Boy

Last night Kazuki discovered my ChesSOS web site and promptly signed up and challenged me to a game. The result is in the following video…

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I am a Phishing Net

This morning as I was having breakfast at Toast, I checked my email and found a message from The Brazilian National Computer Emergency Response Team (which seems to be a real organisation). It informed me that a phishing web site was being hosted on www.northsydneychess.org, the Norths Chess Club web site which I maintain (and which now appears to be broken). The email asked me to disable the fake site and to investigate where customer data was being sent.

This turned out to be true. There was a fake web site residing in a sub-directory of the chess club site purporting to be Bradesco Bank – one of the major banks in Brazil. This is what it looked like…

Fake Brazillian Bank Web Site

Fake Brazillian Bank Web Site

The real website is here.

I immediately set the permissions to make the sub-directory inaccessible, and changed the access passwords. Looking at the access logs, it appears that this fake bank site has been getting a lot of traffic.

Later, I called the web host to report it. They said they would investigate.

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