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Yuko Flies Out on Secret Mission

Today Yuko left the country on a secret mission – the purpose of which will be revealed when she returns in about a week. Here’s the video…

And here’s a picture…

Yuko - just before departure

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Closed Door Debacle

A few days ago I described Belinda’s Open Window Debacle. The problem was fixed, but when I picked up Belinda I only checked that the window was working correctly. But later, when Yuko tried to get out of the car on the passenger side, she discovered a new problem. The passenger-side door can no longer be opened from the inside! The door handle feels loose as if it’s not connected to anything.

So today I took Belinda back to the doctor. The dude fixed it immediately while I waited…

Dude Fixing Belinda's Door

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The Open Window Debacle

I few days ago I foolishly opened Belinda’s passenger-side window. When I tried to close it again, the motor made a grinding sound and the window remained fully open.

Some time later, Yuko messed with it too and a funny looking green thing came out of the place where the glass usually comes out…

Window Stuck Open

Strange looking green thing

Since then we haven;t been able to take Belinda our, as she is unlockable, and she’s been stuck in the garage. But today we took Belinda to the doctor. We went in two cars so that we’d have one car to come home in.

Later in the afternoon the doctor called and said that Belinda would have to stay overnight and the repair would cost $600.

That pesky green thing!

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When we returned to our car after breakfast, there was a torrent of water spewing out right near Belinda…



Because Belinda has not been washed for some time, Yuko wanted to ask this dude to direct the water onto Belinda. I vetoed this plan, but nevertheless it was very exciting…

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Belinda goes to the Doctor


February is the most expensive month in the Noswonky calendar. Both our cars are due for registration within 3 days of each other. As they are also both overdue for a service, I decided to take them to the doctor one by one – Belinda first.

Working in the city makes it difficult to get a car serviced. There seem to be no car doctors in the city! However I came up with a cunning plan…

I found a dude at Lane Cove who specialises in (among others) VW vehicles. So this morning I executed my plan.

I got up at 5.30am, and got dressed quickly. Then I drove Belinda to Lane Cove and abandoned her outside the doctor’s office. I had been instructed to park in the ‘No Parking’ zone and to drop the key in a nearby letterbox.


Belinda outside the doctor's office at 6am


I then walked home (a 25 minute walk) and got ready for work and drove Mitsy to the city as usual.

When I went to pick Belinda up in the afternoon, the doctor dude didn’t know how to operate his EFTPOS machine. He said he’s only just got the machine and mine was only the second transaction.

He also said the changing Belinda’s brake light had been difficult. I had mentioned to him earlier that two teams of mechanics had previously attempted to change the brake light, and had failed. He had dismissed my concerns with an air of confidence which I assumed was justified given his billing as a ‘VW specialist’. But now he admitted that this had just been wild and unjustified bravado!. He said ‘I didn’t want to admit that it was my first time to change a brake light on a New Beetle’. Anyway, he succeeded and said that it’s not so hard after you’ve done it once.


Doctor's Surgery

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Belinda goes to the Tyre Doctor

Following Yuko’s recent tyre flattening incident, I had to take Belinda to the tyre doctor to get a new tyre. As my favourite tyre doctor at Artarmon has now closed, I had to find a new one and I remembered that there was a Beaurepaires at Crows Nest. I used to qualify for an employee discount at Beaurepaires in the days when medical electronics and tyres, canned food and condoms were all classed as similar enough businesses to be part of one company! However I never redeemed my employee discount and it’s a bit late now.

Regardless, I went there…

Belinda at the Tyre Doctor

Belinda at the Tyre Doctor

The tyre doctor said that the damage to the wheel rim could be “banged out”, but the tyre had reach the end of its life.

He took the wheel out of the boot and said I could come back later to pick it up. So I left and went back later to pick it up.

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Flat Tyre

On Thursday, Yuko crashed Belinda’s wheel into our neighbour’s brick step while coming up our driveway. The result was a flat tyre and a dented wheel rim…

Belinda's Flat Tyre

Belinda's flat tyre

So today I put the spare on… a very exciting moment indeed…

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Coffee and Buggy

Today I saw a buggy going the other way…

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Yuko went shopping this morning while I stayed at Epitome. She returned with a bag of cars, including a green buggy…

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