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The Smiley Treat

When I went to the coffee shop at lunch time, my coffee card indicated that I was entitled to a free ‘treat’… so I chose an almond horseshoe…

But when I took the lid off my coffee, there was another surprise… a smiley treat…


At lunch time, our manager took us to the pub and bought us beer to celebrate his birthday. You can’t beat free beer!


Mother has to stay in hospital for at least another ten days. It will take a few days to get the errant drug out of her system. Then they will operate, then she will need some time to recover.

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Tasting Forbidden Fruit



It was time for another lunch with my co-workers. This time we went to the BBC (Belgian Beer Cafe)…

The B.B.C.

The number of beers on offer was remarkable. I chose to taste the forbidden fruit…


And it was good…

Tasting Forbidden Fruit

Tasting Forbidden Fruit

Meanwhile… there was a demolition project in progress at the coffee shop where I usually buy my lunchtime coffee. A set of stairs which had been very useful for accessing the coffee shop, was being removed. A temporary white wall had been errected around the site…


Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop



Below can be seen the remains of the stairway (top and bottom ends circled). Now I will have to take the lift instead!

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Earth Hour at the Arse End of the World

Darkness fell upon the city tonight for Earth Hour. Unlike the last two years, we decided to be lazy bastards and not travel to a distant vantage point to witness the darkness. Instead we just went next-door to the college where we usually watch the new year fireworks. The view of the city was limited, but we did notice some dimming.

We found a spot on the grass right beside one of the college buildings. It was apparently one of the dorms because we could hear the boys inside engaging in raucus behaviour the whole time we were there. At one point a group of boys emerged onto a nearby balcony and waved sparklers while shouting loud taunts at the younger boys, accusing them of engaging in a variety of depraved practices and lewd acts. They also had a red laser pointer which they shone on us from time to time.

Of course Yuko took pictures with one of her many huge cameras.


We ate a rice ball each and drank beer (which was probably in violation of the school rules).


Here is the comparison between Earth Hour and non-Earth Hour…

During the darkness we also took a few pictures of the sky. Here is a picture of the Southern Cross taken with Yuko’s camera…

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Last Day of Employment


It was my last day! So we went to the Shark. My work colleagues sat around drinking beer and contemplating the horror of the post-Noswonky world…


The Shark


Contemplating the post-Noswonky era


In the afternoon, my departure was celebrated with cake! There was one piece remaining which was left in the kitchen as a dare…



I was then immortalised on the wall, along with other great programmers of our time such as Larry Wall, The Camel and Jimmy…



I then handed in my ID, and left the building…



After becoming unemployed, I met Yuko at the QVB and we went to celebrate my new unemployed status at the Dome. I tried the ‘Market’ fish for the first time. It was a good fish indeed…



Random Street Scene

Fish – Yes Really
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Apparently, it was hot today. However I spent the day in an air-conditioned office so I had to rely on my iPhone to tell me that it was hot…

When I got home Yuko wanted to drink beer. So we drank beer at Taiki…

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Irish Heineken

Today is Tuesday and the Sydney Festival has started, so we went to Port Orient in the expectation that something exciting would be happening at Darling Harbour.

At Port Orient, I was surprised to see that they are serving Irish Heineken. We were tempted to try it, but chose Boag’s instead (above).

We sat outside and ate sizzling prawns…

After eating, we walked around the bay to see what was happening for the festival. There was a sign and a seagull! It was very exciting indeed…

The Festival in full swing

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Today it was PLD. The Pool Special Forces team went to a pub called ‘PUB’. There I drank Irish beer and ate honey-seeded chicken. I didn’t even know that honey had seeds! I must have led a sheltered life.

Then we went to another pub called ‘Shark’ where we invented a new game which can be played on a pool table. However I can’t reveal the details here.

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Semi-Nakedness and Beer

It appears that semi-nakedness is not uncommon in the city…

In the evening we went to Taiki and drank large amounts of beer…

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Pool Special Forces

Today I went with my team of co-workers (Perl Special Forces) to the pub for a business meeting. We had to go to the pub to discuss coding standards and, in particular, to decide on a standard for cuddling of elses. However, being unable to reach a consensus on this vexing issue, we decided to play pool instead…

The Perl Pool Team

The Perl Pool Team

Naturally I dazzled onlookers with my pools skills, at one point sinking three balls with one shot! However I was outdone by another member or the team who bounced a ball off the cushion, sent it a metre into the air and dropped it straight into the corner pocket!

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Christmas Party

Tonight I attended the company Christmas party. It was an employee-only event, so I had to leave Yuko at home! The theme of the party was “blue”, so I wore blue. I also adorned myself with blue glowsticks which was only moderately humiliating. The party was held at a very nice bar in the Blue Hotel on the finger wharf at Woolloomooloo.

The Venue - The Blue Hotel


Two of my co-workers dressed as animals…

My co-worker humiliates himself

My co-worker humiliates himself

Other people wore more conventional outfits…

Blue Superhero

Blue Superhero

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