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Sushi and Horse Racing at Sea

Today there was a sushi demonstration in the Centrum…

However, they didn’t really demonstrate how to make sushi. One dude was making it, another was carving animals from pieces of fruit, while the third guy rambled on about un-related stuff. They were non-Japanese…

There was also horse racing with betting. It was very exciting indeed, but we didn’t gamble…

Horse Racing

We again went to the pool deck and drank beer. Yuko likes it because she can get a good WiFi signal…

When we got back to out room after dinner, our towel had been transformed into a pig…

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Bizarro Pool

Today I again went to drink beer and play pool with a former work colleague. Again, he defeated me 2 games to 1, using some bizarro techniques of questionable legality…

Meanwhile, the bizzaro piece outside the MCA is now complete. But is it art??

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Last Day of Employment

Today was my last day of employment. But strangely, due to unusual circumstances, it was not my last day at the company.

We ate meat as usual, but the shade umbrella where we usually sit has been shredded and is now just a stick. This meant that we were all irradiated with potentially lethal doses of solar radiation, but at least the meat was good.

Cooking Meat

After work, we decided to celebrate my new unemployed status by drinking beer at the Red Chopstick. We had a table for eight people, although there were only two of us – that’s dandy.

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Lunch With a Bunch of Bankers

Today I had a lunchtime meeting with ‘Carlos’ (not his real name), who has been an occasional commenter on this blog. He brought some of his colleagues with him and we drank beer and ate burgers next to that big round building with the non-round name. I have know Carlos (not his real name) for a frighteningly long time. When I mentioned the year we met, some of the others at the table claimed not to have been born then!

Carlos is, unfortunately, a banker. At least he works for a bank, which I believe is sufficient to label him a banker. I was a banker once too, working at the same bank as Carlos for a while, but I got out (or was ousted) well before the GFC struck.  Carlos got ousted when the GFC struck, but has now joined another bank.

Carlos - Banker

I told Carlos that I had resigned from my job to become a hobo. He was shocked, but he wished me well in my hobotic future.

Later that afternoon, my resignation became public knowledge at work. It had been under wraps for more than a week pending negotiations with management regarding the timing of my transition to hobo-hood.

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Boat Gawking

Yuko came to the city to meet me after work t the Quay Bar. I got there first and started drinking beer and skyping…

When Yuko arrived we had some nice food and Yuko tried to photograph seagulls.

As we returned to my car, we took a close look at the Arcadia, which was in port.

We talked about the possibility of going on a cruise. Yuko became very excited about this.

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Osaka to Okinawa

After one night in Osaka, we boarded a plane for the flight to Okinawa.
Okinawa is a tiny island two hours flying time south of Osaka…

During the flight I looked out the window while Yuko worked…

Being near the tropics, Okinawa is still quite warm, so we needed sun-screen and cold drinks…

We are staying in the city of Naha. In the main street, I saw my childhood hero – Gigantor. It was very exciting indeed!

In the evening we found a restaurant near our hotel where we ate chicken and drank beer…

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Auction Debacle

I met Yuko at the QVB after work. The QVB Christmas tree is already under construction and is looking like a skeleton (see below).

Yuko had a piece of jewelery being auctioned this evening at the State Library so our plan was to go and watch the auction and then have dinner somewhere.

We walked to the library and once there, had some difdiculty finding the auction room. The whole front of the library is closed for building work, and we had to enter through the adjacent building and then walk across a connecting bridge. Once inside we had to navigate a maze of galleries and corridores before eventually  finding the auction room.

The auction was already in progress. I had never been to a jewelery auction before and was surprised at how quickly each lot was dealt with. The autioneer would take bids and finnish the sale within about 15 seconds for each item.

After looking at the catalogue, we found Yuko’s item listed. I determined that we would have to wait for several hundred more items before Yuko’s would come up for sale. Based on its lot number, the lot number currently being auctioned, and the time taken for each one, I estimated that we had a two hour wait ahead of us. We therefore decided to leave.

We were tired and decided to go to a fancy hotel in Macquarie Street for dinner. But our plans were thwarted when we discovered that the restaurant was not open on Mondays!

We ended up at the Quay Bar at Circular Quay – drinking beer. The final debacle was that when we were leaving, I realised that I didn’t have the umbrella I had been carrying. I had certainly had it when we arrived at the Quay Bar, but we had changed tables at one point, and had probably left it at the old table. But when we checked there, it was gone. Some bastard must have taken it…

Drinking Beer at the Quay Bar

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Knives at the MCA

Yuko came to the city today for our weekly lunch. She had seen people dining outside in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art, and thought they looked dandy – so she wanted to become them.

The food at the MCA restaurant was adequate, but they lost points when Yuko ordered steak, but they didn’t have a steak knife.

In the evening I visited Mother and found her drinking beer. She said she was drunk after one of the nurses had given her a bottle of VB!

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Sick Day Working

I have been suffering from swine-flu-like symptoms all weekend, beginning on Friday evening, so today I took a day of sick leave to quarantine myself from the general population.

That’s why there is no coffee picture today. I did drink coffee at home but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Despite not working, I was very busy indeed. With the possibility of Mother’s imminent return home, I decided to do some necessary domestic work to make her house livable. In particular, there were numerous foods and beverages which have ‘expired’ during Mother’s extended absence.

The potatoes were growing…

The towels in the bathroom were showing signs of mould, so I threw them in the washing machine. I checked the fridge for ‘expired’ food, and found plenty. After disposing of it, I washed the containers it had been in.

And the milk had certainly expired…


In the evening we went to relax and drink beer at the Red Chopstick… 

I took this long exposure picture from the window of the Red Chopstick. Belinda is visible just beyond the red clothing bin…

View from the Red Chopstick

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Yuko came to the city to meet me for lunch at Shiki – a Japanese restaurant which is located very close to my place of work. We had very nice view of the passing crowds from our table by the window. THe food was also very nice…


In the evening we visited Mother. She said her operation will be next Tuesday (two weeks after it was originally scheduled). Our visit was interrupted by a nurse who wanted to do medical procedure on Mother. Thus, I didn’t even have time to take a picture.

Later, I did some grocery shopping. As I was returning to my car, someone called out my name in the dark. I thought my time had come… and I was going to suffer retribution for some past act. However, it turned out to be a former co-worker whom I periodically run into in that very car park. I took a picture of him, but it was a bit too dark to record an accurate image.

We had a short conversation in which he spoke of his wretched life and the futility of his existence.


Blurred former co-worker

Blurred former co-worker

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