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Earth Hour

Today I had to go and vote in the NSW election. There was some misunderstanding between Yuko and me about the nature of this event…

In the evening, I turned off our lights for Earth Hour. YouTube also thoughtfully provided a light switch on their site so that users could watch videos in the dark…

As expected our neighbours were not so supportive of greenness…

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Some Bastard Touched Our Garbage

Last night we put out some waste for collection by the council today. It included an old fridge which has been in the garage for several years, and an air conditioner which I got for free in 2007

When I went out this morning to check it, the fridge and the air conditioner were gone. However, the rest of the stuff was in disarray – strewn about willy nilly! Some bastard must have touched our garbage!

I therefore had to spend some time tidying the waste again!

Later at Firefly, we sat at a table where Yuko’s feet didn’t reach the floor…

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Boy Meets Lizard

It was time for the boy to meet some fauna. Strangely for a Japanese tourist, he chose to eschew the Australian wildlife and go for the African…

Applying deadly chemicals

Funny hat - long neck

Meeting the lizard - It was very docile

Checking wingspan

Then... pizza

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Yuko Flies Out on Secret Mission

Today Yuko left the country on a secret mission – the purpose of which will be revealed when she returns in about a week. Here’s the video…

And here’s a picture…

Yuko - just before departure

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New Camera

Yuko wanted me to take her to the Optus Shop at Chatswood so that she could hurl abuse at them for charging her $432 for one day’s Internet usage. She hurls abuse best when I’m not there, so I left her at the shop and went browsing.

I decided to go looking for a camera to replace my dead IXUS. I had a particular model in mind – the IXUS 300 HS. This model is so new that most shops don’t have it yet, but I found one on display at Ted’s Cameras.

I took this picture in the shop with the display model…

I bought a black one.

Then I went to meet Yuko and she told me she had succeeded in persuading Optus to refund half of the money! She achieved this by hurling a tirade of abuse at them and accusing them of operating a scam. I’m glad I wasn’t there.

We then went to Firefly, followed by Red Chopstick where I played with my new camera…

New Black Camera

Red Chopstick

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Money for Smart People (Only)

I was browsing some bank websites and I discovered an interesting page on the site of

Now, I’m not saying they are discriminatory in the services they offer, but I was ‘surprised’ by the following…

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Death in the Tank

When I checked the nature strip this morning, some bastard had added a black sofa to the pile!

Meanwhile Hanako, the smaller of our goldfish, has ceased to be. She lies on the bottom of the tank bereft of life. Yuko buried her in an undisclosed location.

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Bastards and Magic

This morning I had to go to see my solicitor at Lane Cove to sign a piece of paper. When I parked, I noticed this bastard taking up a large number of parking spaces…


Later in the day, I saw a dude performing magic…

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Other Bastards’ Garbage

Last time we put out garbage at Mother’s house for collection by the council, someone dumped some extra items on the pile. In particular, the Mac Monitor box shown below containing concrete. Sure enough, the council didn’t take it.

Last time

Then, someone – presumably the original dumpers – removed the box, leaving the contents, three smaller bags of concrete. These were at least light enough to be picked up individually, so we left them out again. But again the council didn’t take them! So we appear to be stuck with this garbage that belongs to some other bastard! And then someone dumped a cardboard box of rubbish too…

Other Bastards' Garbage

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